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Mher: A City
aaaannnd..... ACTION!!!!
With the culprit disappearing from sight, the friends immediately break into action... Xavice takes off like a rocket, getting a lead on everyone and closing nearly to the corner in a sudden burst of speed, followed closely by Leodak, determined to catch up to the man in the hopes of finding out exactly what this key business is about.

Silvia breaks in the opposite direction, planning on flanking the culprit or catching him if he attempts to double back, and Wilfred, after moving to a spot sheltered from view, quickly climbs to the rooftops, angling to intercept the felon from above...

Cano, after pointing out the offender, stands back and lets the other run off in a burst of motion, then, unobserved by any of the group, starts to trim his nails with the small knife he keeps in his belt.
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Allow me to propose some chase music.

"Gah, I really need a manicure, maybe Malik would give me one later." Cano says, who suddenly realizes that he should look and see if the man he saw is coming back. d20 + 2 => [2] = 4 who than returns to fixing his nails.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 x 2 => [19] = 38
d20 + 2 => [2] = 4
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