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Mher: A City
Where did he go again?!?
Xavice runs hard to reach the first set of turnoffs from the alley, and glances both ways before deciding to break left, as he sees Silvia and signals she should keep going in a straight line to cut him off...

Silvia moves through the alley, startling a beggar hidden behind some broken discarded crates stacked along the back of the building beside her as she kicks her feet against the packed dirt alley floor...

Leodak follows a little more slowly now, eying up the windows high in the alleys, (spot check d20 + 1 => [8] = 9 ) before deciding that is is unlikely that someone could move through one and close it as swiftly as he would have needed to without leaving some sign of his passing, before following Xavice, who has now outdistanced him and disappeared around the left bend, leaving him the choice of following him, or moving deeper into the broken alley in the hopes of finding the target...

Wilfred stumbles on the rooftops in his haste to catch sight of the man who has taken his ring, but quickly recovers and moves to the alleyway, some twenty feet below him now, where he sees the lines being run by the others and sees no sight of the villainous hack who took the ring from him...

Cano continues to inspect his nails.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 1 => [8] = 9
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Carry on.
Keep going even though there may be no hope in keeping up
*Sigh* "There I think I'm done." says Cano as he finishes inspecting his nails. "Well I'll see what I can do, although they will probably find him soon." d20 + 6 => [17] = 23 (Urban Tracking)
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 6 => [17] = 23
Run down the alley and take the corner east.