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Mher: A City
Is that him!?!?
Wilfred leaps the alley below him to make it to the next rooftop, and scans the alleys he can see from his location at the edge (spot check d20 + 6 => [3] = 9 ), While Leodak runs past underneath following Xavice...

Who slows down not at all, as if he hasn't noticed the wall twenty feet in front of him, looking for all intents and purposes as if he is going to crash into it at full speed.
Wilfred watches him, unable to call out, and unable to understand why he hasn't seen the wall, 12 feet high and made of very solid-looking stone blocks, then in a kind of disbelief as he kicks his legs in front of him, half jumping and pushing off the ground, using his feet to propel him up the side of the wall one footstep at a time! In less than a second, Xavice disappears over the wall, still running at full speed and determined to catch up to this thief.

Xavice bursts through a pair of women who were walking along the sidewalk on the other side of the wall, and tears across the road in front of him, not seeing the person in question down the length of the road he has emerged upon.

Leodak rounds the corner at full speed himself, still in the alleyway and sees a wall with a tree next to it, and no sign of Xavice at all, but gamely pumps his legs and moves up the alleyway in pursuit.

Silvia turns the corner and looks down the end of the alleyway in front of her, not seeing sign of the fellow they may be chasing...(Spot check d20 + 2 => [14] = 16 )

Cano strolls down the road, reaching the end of the alleyway, turning into it and proceeds to start examining the area, taking his time and being very thorough...(spot check d20 + 2 => [18] = 20

suddenly Bursting from a pile of discarded and broken crates dumped in the alley by one if the surrounding businesses while Cano is bent examining the prints on the ground, the man everyone is chasing lunges violently for Cano, a dagger gleaming in his right hand as he snarls "Damn you! How the hells did you know it was me? I was clear until you pointed me out!"
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 6 => [3] = 9
d20 + 2 => [14] = 16
d20 + 2 => [18] = 20
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bad guys hide check for chance to surprise Cano....

d20 + 8 => [1] = 9
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 8 => [1] = 9
spotcheck d20 + 6 => [2] = 8
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 6 => [2] = 8
"Trade secret." Says Cano. "Now! I believe you have some sort of key that belongs to a friend of mine. I suggest giving it back or else you'll be losing your life, after all twenty of my loyal servants have you surrounded and their bows are ready." d20 + 6 => [14] = 20 bluff.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 6 => [14] = 20
Xavice mutters under his breath "Shit, where did he go?" He asks a passerby "Have you seen anyone run through here in a hurry at all?"
Silvia Malik continues to search the alleyway for any disturbance.