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Mher: A City
He tried to hit me!!
The stranger snarls at Cano in response, and lunges forward, the dagger in his hand cutting low to seek the soft flesh of Cano's belly.
Cano, his baton now drawn in one hand, smacks the hard polished piece of oak across the knuckles of the assailant as he moves in and twists slightly, trying to avoid the blade but only managing to rob it of some of its power, the blade still drawing a line of blood, though unable to disembowel him as was intended.

Wilfred hears the sharp crack of the baton hitting bone, and moves back round the corner of the roof he just stepped around, to see the stranger snarl, and crouch down, ready to come in again for another stab at Cano...

Silvia moves into the alley she has chosen to move down, glancing around and looking for signs that anyone has moved through the alley at any great speed in the last minute or so, (listen check d20 + 2 => [4] = 6 concentrating hard enough that she fails to recognise the ever so faint sounds from behind her as important...

Xavice, getting a negative response from the ladies, stands for a moment contemplating his next move...

Leodak [listen check d20 => [5] = 5 ) also fails to take note of the sound coming from behind him as he moves into the alley behind Silvia, losing its importance in the sounds of the street traffic in that direction.
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 2 => [4] = 6
d20 => [5] = 5
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1 Comment

*Huh, lost him. Maybe Xavice found him, now which way did he head off to again?*