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Temple of Elemental Evil
A Night in the Dungeon
After resting at the inn for a few weeks, the hardy band of adventurers decide to head back to the ruined moathouse. However, they feel a few more "helpers" are in order.

As they are finishing up a hardy breakfast of cheap beer, two men-of-the-world types come downstairs. Catching them before they leave the inn, the group persuades the two men to accompany them to the fort. Turuk and Kobort agree to come along for an equal share of the treasure that may be found.

Heading out shortly thereafter, the group arrives at the moathouse late in the morning. Remembering the issues they had before, they decide it best to scout the building before moving inside. Splitting up, Furnok and Dire plan on climbing the ruined sections of the walls and taking a peek inside while the rest go through the main gate.

Furnok and Dire return, indicating that they didn't notice anything different inside from when they last left. There is no evidence of the bandits that scared the group away and no other creatures, besides scavengers, appear to have made the place home.

Before proceeding further into the ruins, the group wants to investigate the southwestern tower that has yet to be investigated. Peering through the arrow slits, several shiny objects can be seen on the ground inside. When the door is opened, the shining objects appear to be coins of some sort. While no creatures or traps can be seen, it is decided that Dire will go in first to ensure the room is clear. Upon reaching the position of the coins, a huge spider falls on Dire, knocking him to the ground and immediately being wrapped in silk.

Tundin and Brandis charge inside, attacking the spider, while Zhanna stays in the entryway and shoots her crossbow. Furnok, Kobort, and Turuk also stay near the door so as to avoid getting in the way.

Brandis barely misses in his attack, only shaving some hairs off the spider's leg. Tundin, on the other hand, lands a solid blow, shattering two of the creature's legs. Meanwhile, the huge spider is continuing to wrap Dire in silk, reaching his neck before being attacked.

Furnok, seeing that it is already damaged, charges in himself and, using a broken support beam has a step, launches himself into the air. He lands on the spiders back, burying his short sword into its thorax and killing it instantly. The spider's body lands on Dire but luckily doesn't crush him.

Dire is pulled out from under the body and has the webbing cut from him. Brandis is able to salvage several feet of the silk, with the intention of making a silk rope. The spider body is moved away and the coins on the ground are gathered. It isn't a lot but it is something; adequate enough for the effort expended in gaining it.

Moving into the fort, the remains of their last battle with the bandits are found, including a cut rope, a staff, and some other minor items. The group hesitantly enters the black room where the bandits hid out but find evidence that the bandits haven't returned.

Investigating the room, Furnok notices something in the rubble near the southeast corner. A half hour of digging reveals a large footlocker-style trunk. Inside, the group finds a good stash of goods: a crystal decanter and four goblets, two bolts of cloth, several bags of copper pieces, an inlaid wooden box with ivory handles, and four high-quality arrows.

The trunk is left in the room while the group heads further into the fortress. Noticing an alcove that had been bypassed before, Tundin uses his lantern to peek around the corner after hearing squeaking and rustling. He sees a number of giant rats in a storage area, climbing on the shelves and containers. At the end of the room there appears to be another doorway leading deeper into the fort.

While plans are being made on how to best deal with the rats, a suggestion is made to Kobort to attack the rats. He readily agrees and starts to head into the room while his friend Turuk tries to dissuade him. Kobort doesn't heed the warnings and charges in, scaring the rats.

The rats attack as Kobort starts swinging. Kobort's sword skills are much better than his intelligence and he easily defeats several rats immediately. The rats swarm over Kobort but fail to do much besides cling to his armour.

As Kobort kills rat after rat, one jumps on his shoulder from a shelf and manages to get its head underneath Kobort's helmet, biting him on the cheek. Kobort screams and throws off his helmet, dropping his sword in the process. The rat is torn free, along with a good portion of Kobort's cheek.

Tundin and Brandis, having observed the fight from the safety of the doorway, see the predicament Kobort is in. Brandis raises his shield and moves into the storeroom while Tundin moves to assist Kobort.

While this is happening, another rat reaches Kobort's face and latches onto his other cheek, biting off a large chunk. Kobort covers both his cheeks with his hands and alternates between screaming in pain and swearing at the rats. Brandis moves in and helps defend Kobort and Tundin while Tundin applies a cure light wounds spell.

A wild swing by Brandis at a rat on a shelf causes the sword to knock the shelf off the wall. The shelf swings down and hits Brandis on his head. His helmet absorbs most of the blow, leaving just a slight bruise.

The rest of the rats run off; though they know no fear, their survival instincts are strong. Kobort is healed to nearly full strength, so Tundin moves to assist Brandis. Applying a poultice and bandages, as well as some pain relievers, helps Brandis recover from his inadequate sword-smith skills.

The storeroom is investigated. Not much of value is found beyond a jug of olive oil and some desiccated spices. Brandis, constantly thinking of his stomach, skins the rats and plans to use the oil and spices for rat stew.

Meanwhile, the doorway at the other end of the storeroom opens onto a stairway leading down. It is decided that Dire and Brandis will head down the stairs to do a quick recon. Brandis lights his lantern and leads the way.

At the bottom of the stairs, the lantern reveals a wall across the way and that a room appears to open up to the sides of the stairs, like the stairs are in the middle of a room. Dampness in the stairs in the past has lead to a collection of mold and slime on the ceiling, with a large patch of greenish algae clinging to the edge of the stair's archway.

Moving into the room, Brandis seems to disturb the slime, causing it to fall on Dire as he passes underneath. Dire notices that the slime appears to be acidic, eating its way through his armour relatively quickly.

Dire pulls off his armour and dumps it on the ground. The green slime continues to eat the leather material, growing in size at it absorbs the mass. The pair retreats back up the stairs, careful to keep to the sides away from the slime. Brandis offers Dire his cloak for a modicum of protection, primarily for modesty.

After reporting what occurred, Zhanna and Dire recognize the slime from stories in their childhood. Knowing that the slime can be defeated with fire, the party comes up with a plan to deal with the slime: Tundin will gather burnable material from the bandit's room and the discarded rope while Brandis will use a staff to make a torch, having soaked the rags in the olive oil.

Zhanna and Brandis move back down the stairs and see that only about half the slime fell from the archway. While Brandis wants to stick his staff-torch up to the slime and burn it off, Zhanna suggests just shooting a flaming bolt at it to ensure it doesn't fall on Brandis as he attempts to burn it.

Zhanna shoots the bolt and the green slime starts to burn. As it burns away, Zhanna shoots at the pile of slime that was recently Dire's leather armour. The pool of slime easily catches fire, leaving a greasy, discolored spot.

After spending a few minutes ensuring there is no more slime, the group cautiously moves down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, the group sees that, indeed, the stairs are essentially in the middle of a large room, opening near the southern end. From the looks of the room, it was once a general storeroom/armoury, with a variety of broken and unusable weapons and weapon racks visible, as well as a number of broken crates and boxes.

On the western wall is a large pile of garbage, apparently a conglomeration of most of the material that once filled the room. Thinking that something usable for Dire, either discarded armour or at least some sort of clothing, might be in the pile of trash, the group starts rummaging through it.

Suddenly, the top of the trash piles moves and starts to topple on the party as a number of giant rats jump from their nest and get ready to defend it. Not wanting to deal with rats again, Brandis decides to dump a quantity of oil on the garbage while Zhanna moves back to light a torch.

As Dire is climbing down from the trash pile, a giant rat leaps down and bites his butt, latching onto the cloak with its feet. Dire attempts to sit on the rat and squish it but it jumps off just before he hits the floor.

The rest of the rats are scrambling around, fending off the rest of the group. Brandis finishes dumping the oil on the pile just as Zhanna throws her lighted torch into the center of it. The oil catches fire and the trash pile is quickly engulfed in flames.

The rats run screaming from the conflagration, some of them on fire. The party drops to the ground to avoid succumbing to the smoke, which quickly fills the room and leaks up the stairs. After many minutes, the fire slowly dies down enough for the party members to see that the trash pile covered two doors on the wall behind it.

Once the smoke clears enough for the group to stand up, the doors are investigated. The locks on the doors are new and the doors appear to be well maintained. Dire attempts to pick one of the locks but fails. However, Furnock is able to open it; Dire does manage to open the other door, however.

Opening the door to the northern room, it is revealed to be an armoury. A large assortment of polearms are stacked around the room, as well crates of arrows and crossbow quarrels. Additionally, there are several containers of rations and a large pile of black cloaks. The cloaks have an eye surrounded by flames embroidered on them.

The other room is opened up, revealing an assortment of shields and leather armour. There are also several barrels of salted meat and two kegs of fine brandy.

The party debates the significance of these rooms. Are they related to the bandits upstairs or is there something else going on? What is the meaning of the flaming eye?

The party decides to rest up here, using the pile of cloaks to sleep on. Brandis makes a stew out of the rat meat, salted meat, and some of the rations that were found. Kobort dumped out a barrel and fills it up with a variety of weapons to take back to the village.

After resting for 8-9 hours, the group eats again and moves further into the dungeon. They ignore the columned corridor heading south and choose to investigate the northeastern door. They notice that the door opens silently and the hinges appear to have been oiled recently. Inside the room is a large amount of junk and trash, plus another door to the northeast.

Looking through the keyhole, they see that it is well lit by torches and it has a number of columns in it. To the north, a large pile of furs and cloth, possibly blankets, can barely be seen.

Dire sneaks in to investigate. Moving around the nearest column, he accidently bumps a low-hanging torch mount, knocking the torch off. The noise echoes through the room and noises from the northern end indicate that something was woken up.

Dire hides behind the column, hoping that whatever it is doesn’t see him. The rest of the party closes the door and looks through the keyhole. They can see a large creature, his head nearly reaching the ceiling, moving through the room, looking for the cause of the noise.

The monster, an ogre, moves through the room towards the column Dire is hiding behind. Luckily, Dire is nimble enough to keep on the other side of the column from the ogre and is not seen. The ogre, deciding that there was nothing in the room (he didn’t notice the extinguished torch on the ground) moves towards the western door, the one the party is behind.

The party steps back from the door and all but Zhanna quickly don the black cloaks that were found. The ogre opens the door and is startled by the PCs. He raises his bardiche but hesitates upon seeing the cloaks. He says something to the party they party don’t understand.
The ogre again says something, growing impatient. Tundin points to the flaming eye emblem on his cloak but he ogre shrugs, not comprehending the gesture. Brandis attempts to bribe the ogre

The ogre eventually tires of waiting for the password and moves to attack the group. Tundis, being in front of it, bears the brunt of the attacks. The rest of the group surrounds the creature and attacks.

The ogre is knocked to his knees by mighty blows from Kobort. He raises his hands in supplication, but Tundis, believing an evil creature deserves no mercy, strikes the ogre upon his head and kills it.

With the ogre defeated, the body is looked over for anything useful but nothing is found. His bed is rummaged through but the vast majority of items are of no use. A footlocker is found under a small end-table. Inside are a number of worthless glass beads, brass candlesticks, and other trash. However, a number of coins are scattered inside, which the party gathers up.

Dire, looking through the bedding more closely, finds a small cloak. Though it is too small to fit most of the party, it just barely fits Zhanna. Though hesitant to put it on at first, she reluctantly agrees and immediately turns invisible. She decides to keep the cloak.

Moving to the southern door of the room, the PCs find that it is shut with a stout wooden bar. Dire is able to open the bar and cracks open the door. Some voices are heard inside but little can be seen. Opening the door further, an awful stench comes pouring out, smelling much like meat past its prime. Several voices are heard, crying out for mercy.

When the door is fully opened and lantern brought forth, the room is revealed to be a meat locker; the majority of the meat appears to be from demi-humans. Chained to the walls are two humans and one gnome. The gnome appears to have been badly beaten.

The humans cry out, expecting to be next on the menu. When the party states that they will rescue them, the humans are excited. They reveal that they are merchants who were traveling through the area as part of a caravan. The caravan was attacked and they were brought here to the ogre’s pantry. They promise large rewards if they are released and taken back to the village; they must reach Dyvers (home of their businesses) in order to secure the reward. The gnome is very hurt and not able to answer many questions, simply saying that he was to be next on the ogre’s snack list.

Dire attempts to pick the locks on chains but fails. Brandis asks if there is a key or something to open the locks. The merchants suspect the key may be located above the door on the door frame. Kobort picks up Dire and nearly shoves his head into the ceiling. Dire locates the key and quickly unlocks the captives.

While he is doing this, a loud knocking his heard coming from the junk room next door. A voice yells out, sounding much like the ogre’s voice. Quickly, the party makes a plan: Zhanna will lock the group inside the pantry and use her cloak to turn invisible. Dire will climb a pillar and hope he isn’t seen. Depending on what happens, they will either attack whatever is bashing its way into the room or leave it alone.

Just as the party is locked inside and Zhanna and Dire make their "escape", the outer door to the trash room is bashed in. A hoarse cry is heard as whatever it is finds the ogre’s body. Suddenly, a smaller ogre runs into the room, apparently looking for the killers.

Realizing that the killers would not be able to lock themselves in the meat locker from the inside, the small ogre rushes to the southeast corner of the room. It quickly opens a secret door and moves through, apparently thinking that the attackers might have found it and used it to escape. Though Dire was unable to see how the opening mechanism worked from his position, Zhanna was able to get close enough to see.

Once the ogre leaves, Zhanna and Dire release the rest of the party from the meat locker. A quick discussion is held as to whether to continue on in the search of the dungeon or to head back to the village. The merchants convince the group to return so everyone gathers up what they can and head back upstairs.

Being the middle of the night, and not relishing to walk back to the village in the dark, the group decides to bed down in the spider’s tower, after a thorough search to ensure there are no other surprises. In the morning, they will return to the village and divy up the loot they have found so far.
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