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Mischief in Montreal
First Time Out
At 18, one year after my father's death, I was tracking a series of murders that ended up being more than I bargained for. Namely ghouls. A whole damned pack.
the hunter became the hunted.

I managed to kill some of them, the rest are closing in, and huh - I guess some of this blood is mine...

So I was walking my beat (really just shooting the bull with Asku) when one of the neighbors came overe to report some trouble. seems a band of ghouls had trapped a 'breather' on the south side of the cemetary and things were looking grim. Fortunately in my line of work holy water is standard equipment. I grabbed the bottle and set off running. the young man was down but not out when I arrived. I drove off the ghouls and got him to the pub fast.

Gaston was at the cemetery, visiting his fathers grave, when he heard a loud explosion accompanied by bright flashes. it was Not gunfire. he usually avoids shifting out in the open, but seeing ghouls swarming some schmuck, he took the risk. He had never seen a wizard before, but judging by how this guy was blasting ghouls, that's what he must be. Imagine his surprise when a second wizard shows up.

Between the three of us, we fight our way to out vehicles and drive to a pub to toast our escape.

Blasted ghouls. They are hard to kill. I was there to get more intel on this Hells Angel - I needed to know if he knew my "cousins". I was not close enough to get there when it all went pear-shaped. the frog-by-way-of-the- colonies shifted into a bear and jumped into a fight between Elric, and a bunch of Ghouls. it turns out bears are good at killing ghouls. But not perfect.

Elric, the bear, and a new-comer manged to kill a few and break free of the fight. I jumped in as the fled, to ensure there would be no pursuit. lightning does that well.

Afterwards, I used hair from the bears coat to track him to a pub, along with the other two. Time for introductions. I still need to know if the bear knew my cousin.
Session: Character Creation Session - Sunday, Feb 17 2013 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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