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Mischief in Montreal
In The Shadows
Dominic's mentor, Nicolo Rizzuto, a caption in the Rizzuto crime family, disappeared mysteriously during the war with the Hell's Angles. To make matters worse, high-ranking members of the family are being gruesomely murdered across Montreal, and the "talented" allies to the Family won't make a move without Nicolo's support.

Via AAA, Dominic contacts Gaston for information on Nicolo's location. Gaston agrees to help rescue Nicolo, if they assure him no Hell Angels are harmed. True to his word, Dominic waits for Gaston to lure the bikers out, then knocks out Gaston (as a cover), then leaves with Nicolo.

Contacted by a member of the Rizzuto family to look into the murder of family members, a tracking spell led me to a group of Hell's Angels. After following them around for a bit, I saw what happens on a full moon. Not a pretty sight, I tell you. But here's the funny thing - those Hell's Angels are hanging around some of Rizzuto's boys. I don't think this Nicolo dude is going to be happy about this power play. Good news is those dang berserkers are tough, but stupid. And they bleed like anything else.
Session: Character Creation Session - Sunday, Feb 17 2013 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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