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Mischief in Montreal
Where everybody knows your name...
Jack -
So a ghost walks into a bar...
After a long day on patrol, all Jack wanted was to relax over a cold beer and a pool table with his friends, until the ghost of his cousin, another officer, came in looking for Jack's help catching his killers: a gang of drug dealing bikers...

Dominic had two missions in New York. 1st kill the Hell's Angel; 2nd take the package he's sitting on before his buddies arrive... The only problem is that his buddies showed up early, and there was no way Dominic could handle all twelve. To make matters worse, a spud-eating cop is shadowing Dominic everywhere he goes.

After jumping the cop, Dominic realized that the cop wanted to get these guys even more than he did, so they cut a deal...

Dominic would sneak in and plant guns that matched some cops murder in the Hells Angles hideout, just in time for a police raid, and Jack would help get a package out of evidence lock up. Everybody wins!

Persephone -
It's not long before Jack is discovered. He had hoped the deal with Dominic would go unnoticed, but soon both the NYPD and the HA were after him. Seeing no way out, he runs. After some time on the road, he finds himself in Montreal, listening in on a rapidly whispered conversation. Could he believe his ears? A pixie assassin and monster hunter working together? He was so caught up in the conversation that he gave himself away and face to face with the pair. Could he make a deal to save his skin?

Session: Character Creation Session - Sunday, Feb 17 2013 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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