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Temple of Elemental Evil
During the evening, Tundin has a dream that indicates his god is not happy with him and his actions during the fight with the ogre. When he awakens, he finds that he did not receive the cure light wounds spells he prayed for, as punishment for his transactions. Until he repents, he will not receive his requested spells.

Upon returning to Hommlet in the morning, the group looks to cash out on their loot. Before doing that, Tundin casts detect magic on everything and identifies Brandis' shield and the four arrows they found as being magical. Holding onto those items, nearly everything else is sold to the traders. The only things not sold is the ivory box holding five feet of spider silk and one of the kegs of brandy.

When first negotiating with the traders, the traders try to cheat the party by offering them silver pieces instead of gold pieces. However, after telling the traders they will think about it, Brandis offers to tap one of the kegs of brandy and allow the traders to partake in a little. After nearly emptying the keg through lunchtime, the traders are sufficiently sloshed that Brandis is able to renegotiate and get the offer changed to gold pieces. While the party still doesn't get the true market value for their items, at least they have enough money to do something with.

With their new-found wealth, the NPCs are paid off. Kobort and Turuko decide to abandon the group and find their fortune elsewhere. Furnok, however, decides to stay with the group, as it has been a rewarding experience.

With the remaining money, the party seeks out the local magic-user, Burne, to see if he can identify their magic items. Burne happens to have a scroll with the spell identify on it, so he offers to cast the spell for 200gp. The party accepts and Burne is able to determine that the shield and arrows have minimal dweomer<meta>suggesting they are +1 items</meta>.

While there, the party asks Burne if he knows anything about the cloaks with the flaming eyes. Burne informs the party that it is the symbol for members of the Temple of Elemental Evil; if the party found the cloaks and weapons, it is indicative that the Temple's members may be trying to reactivate the order.

Having spent nearly all their money, the group retires to the inn and forms a plan of action. Deciding that the town mayor needs to know, the group receives directions to the mayor's home and heads there. After having to bribe a gate guard to gain entry, the group is taken to the mayor's house.

While waiting for the butler to speak to the mayor, Dire finds a sterling silver pen holder in the foyer and it accidentally falls into his pocket. When asked what happened, Dire says he was cleaning up a mess left by Brandis, who hadn't even been near the table the holder was on. However, Brandis believes he still has crumbs from breakfast on his face and, when the butler returns, asks to use the washroom. While in the washroom, Brandis notices the potpourri bowl and commences to eat the potpourri.

The butler eventually leads the party to the mayor's library, where the party tells the mayor what they have found, especially the cloaks with the burning eyes. The mayor will send word to the Viscount of Verbronc, informing him of the party's findings but suspects more evidence of direct action by the Temple's order will be needed, thus requesting the party to continue investigating the ruins for more proof.

As payment for their investigation, the party requests free room and board, as well as stables for their horses. The mayor agrees to house the group in a guest house on his property. Additionally, the group requests assistance in their investigation, to which the mayor states he will have some members of the local militia accompany the group.

The party moves their items from the inn to the mayor's house; in the meantime, the militia captain is called for and finds two militia members who are immediately available to join the group. In addition, the party also hires a teamster and his cart, several bodyguards for the teamster, as well as three teenagers to help cut through the underbrush on the road to the moathouse. This will allow the group to take their horses and cart to the moathouse, rather than continuing on foot as in the past.

When the group finally heads to the moathouse, they leave the cart with the teamster, bodyguards, and kids outside since the horses and cart won't be able to navigate the drawbridge. Heading inside, the group heads down the stairs they found and immediately proceed down the southern, columned corridor.

As soon as Brandis moves past the first column to investigate the first cell door they can see, he is attacked by two zombies. Tundin attempts to turn the zombies and succeeds. However, while fighting those zombies, two more come out of the first cell and join the fight. While fighting those zombies, two more come out of the next cell and also fight the party.

Realizing that their blades do little good against the zombies, the party retreats back up the stairs. Realizing that a different tactic needs to be employed, the group decides to fill a waterskin with oil and, in conjunction with a torch, squirt flaming oil on the zombies. Tundin and Brandis proceed with this plan and set two zombies on fire. Unfortunately, Brandis accidentally sets his feet on fire as well, nearly succumbing to the flames.

While they are burning the zombies, Dire attempts to sneak around the backside of the staircase but runs into a zombie, which knocks him unconscious. The two militamen rescue Dire and take him back upstairs.

Next, Tundin and Furnok decide to make Molotov cocktails and throw them at the zombies. They succeed in burning all the zombies and the group continues down the columned hall. Suspecting that the rest of the cells also contain zombies, the group spikes the remaining doors while keeping the zombies from attacking by holding their shields up to the door.

Once the cells are spiked, the group decides to try burning the zombies by gathering wood from upstairs and making a fire at the cell doors. Once the fires are lit, they continue their investigation with the room to the east.

This room turns out to be a torture chamber. Careful investigation reveals that some of the skeletons aren't very old and several of the items have been recently used.

Intending to continue their investigation, the group heads to the ogre's room, since Zhanna reveals that she knows about a secret door in there. When the door is opened, the secret staircase to the Black Room is revealed. While milling around deciding what to do, Zhanna happens to locate the mechanism to open a second secret door.

Investigation of the secret door reveals a stairway leading down. Though torch brackets are on the walls, the torches aren't currently lit, though there is evidence that they have been used recently.

Heading through the door, the group moves down the stairs. Furnok pokes his head around a corner and sees a shadow in the distance, highlighted by a torch behind it. Not knowing what it is, Zhanna is asked to see if she can identify it. With a quick look, she suspects it to be a bugbear that is moving towards them.

Running back up the stairs, the party plan an ambush for the bugbear on the stairs leading to the Black Room. Unfortunately, the bugbear never shows up. When the second secret door is reopened, the group finds that the bugbear had merely been placing new, lit torches in the brackets.

Tundin suspects that the bugbear may have been lighting the torches in anticipation of someone arriving to the dungeon or someone leaving. Deciding that they have enough evidence to provide the mayor, the party moves back upstairs. Luckily, they find the cart and the others are still there.

Spending an hour, they move the rest of the weapons from the two storage rooms into the cart and head back to the village. In the mayor's house, Dire is healed by the mayor's friend, a druid. The mayor tells the story of how the Temple was defeated in a great war and the druid inquires about the zombies.

Deciding that there must be an evil magician or someone in the rest of the dungeon, the party agrees to continue investigating the moathouse. Meanwhile, they donate the equipment they found and some fighting training to the militia.
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