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Mischief in Montreal
Training for a leadership role in the faerie court, Persephone was taking on more responsibility in the outside world. While practicing her glamour abilities, she was spotted by a group of soldiers. Her guards were slain and she was taken.

Biding her time in a maximum security prison, build on a magic sink, she met her father for the first time. Unable to take her revenge, not knowing how to fight without her fay powers, he was able to prove his identity and explain his absence in her life.

She chose to stay and train with him, embracing her humanity for the first time.

Trouble began brewing when monster hunters were recruited to join the military cause. After a confrontation on base, she contacted the court to explain her absence. She then left the base, to get her revenge hunting the monster hunters.

Elric -
Hmmm. It appears my family has been up to i'ts usual mischief. Hunting
"monsters" while ignoring the corruption in it's own ranks. When I saw this... Circus Performer(?) tracking a third cousin of mine, I had to step in and give a hand. She didn't notice the two other members following her. A classic family tactic of baiting. Time to take the family down a peg. I just hope they don't recognize my face and realized that I'm still alive.

Jack -
Just got a frantic calls from both Elric and Persophone. Looks like they've bitten of more than they can chew. I grab my kit and run out the door. I arrive to find them together, surrounded by a horde of Elric's family. Good thing we're near the old fort. I close my eyes, gather my will, and Call. From a suddenly gathered fog comes a rush of British and French troops. I push my will against the startled hunters and to their perceptions the troops are real. The fight is soon over, and the hunters fled.
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