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Revive the King
Near the city of Crockport, between the Vesve Forest and the Whyestil Lake, a small village thrived. In this village, a small group of friends group up together: Steve, Jeff, and Keco. In the nearby forest lived a community of wood elves, led by a elven king.

Because of the proximity of the forest to the village, trade had developed over time between the two communities, eventually leading to mutual respect and then friendship. From this relationship, Aoko (a half-elf) was born. Being part of both worlds, Aoko made friends from both elven and human societies. On the human side were Steve, Jeff, and Keco. On the elven side were Exten and Aodkas Glimmergaunt.

Exten was a pure elf, as was Aodkas. But while Exten was a commoner, Aodkas was a son of the elven king. Aoko had been brought to the elven court as Aodkas’ sparring partner. Exten knew both of them through a similar fashion: he was apprentice to the royal locksmith and often talked with them during work.

As Aodkas and his older brother approached the age of majority of his people, it was naturally assumed that his brother would be next in line for king. However, the king was uncertain who would be a better king, so he devised a challenge before he died. An heirloom suit of elfin chainmail, passed down over the generations, had been given to an uncle living to the south in the Dim Forest. Whichever brother could get there first, claim the mail, and return home would be crowned king.

While elfin mail was rare by itself, this armour was even more special. As befit royalty, it had been imbued with a dweomer that raised the charisma of whoever wore it. It had been handed down for generations to the member of the royal family who was most worthy to receive it.

Through Aoko, Aodkas and Exten met Steve, Jeff, and Keco. The three humans had grown up hearing tales of gallant knights and their heroic ancestors and wanted to follow in their footsteps. Choosing their own paths, Keco practiced the martial ways. When Aoko mentioned Aodkas’ journey, Keco jumped at the chance to prove himself.

Jeff chose the more intellectual profession as a professional illusionist. While more specialized and less versatile than a traditional magic-user, Jeff felt his knack for creative thinking made the calling more appropriate. Plus, it helped feed his need for easy money: rather than run the risk of being caught as a thief, his magical abilities allowed him to simply distract people, making it easier to acquire what he wanted.

Steve felt the calling of the cloth. By being a member of the clergy, he could slate his lust for combat with either his hand or his spells. Unfortunately, he spent a great deal of time trying to keep his friends’ actions from getting too out of hand.

Thus, the adventuring party was formed, Jeff, the illusionist; Steve, the cleric; Keco, the fighter; Exten, the thief; Aoko, the fighter; and Aodkas, the noble fighter. What would they find as they pursued Aodkas’ destiny? And would they make it back alive to claim it?
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