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Revive the King
Into the Mines
Aodkas invites his friends to join him in his journey to the south to retrieve the heirloom armor. Realizing they will need money to make the journey, and since Aodkas has to make the journey through his own wits and wiles, the band of friends heads to a nearby abandoned mine.

Once a thriving mining town, all that is left is a near-ghost town. A small tavern with a couple of spare rooms for rent, a general trade store, and a few houses are all the remain of the once-prosperous town.

The group quickly heads through town, stopping only long enough to learn where the mine is located. They also learn that, after the mine was abandoned, a number of unwholesome inhabitants moved in. Several people have entered the mine to try their luck at either getting rid of the monsters or to see if there were any mineral veins left, but none have returned.

Proceeding to the mine, the group easily finds the original entrance buried in the side of a small hill. Looking in, a gradual slope leads down into the interior. A small set of stairs have been carved into part of the slope, allowing easy access for people while maintaining a path for mine carts and equipment.

Moving inside, the group comes to the main entrance room. Two paths lead away from it and the group goes to the left. At another intersection, they proceed left again. Moving down the hallway, they perceive a cracking noise that gets louder as they move deeper into the mines.

Halfway down the corridor, a deep hole in the ground is found. The cracking noise appears to be coming from it. Looking in, the elves can't see anything with their infravision. Aodkas throws a burning torch down the hole and determines that it is nearly 20 feet deep. When the torch hits the bottom, the cracking noise stops.

After debating whether to try to climb down the shaft, the group decides to continue on and investigate the shaft later. The continue moving down the corridor and notice that some sort of gas is seeping into the air. Suddenly, Aoko, Aodkas, and Steve develop an overwhelming fright and run back to the entrance of the mine, leaving the others behind.

Jeff, Exten, and Keco looked at each other, questioning whether they should follow the others or move on. Since the gas didn't affect them, they decided to press on. At an intersection, they moved right until they hit a dead-end. Exten found a secret door and a passageway beyond.

Walking down the passage, Jeff tripped and fell against the wall. A tinkling sound was heard from above and a viscous fluid dripped onto him. Suddenly, a small, flaming ember fell from the ceiling and lit Jeff on fire. Screaming in agony, Jeff quickly passed out from the pain. Keco pulled off his cloak and put out the flames, losing his cloak in the process as the burning oil stuck to it.

Once the flames were put out, Exten did what he could for the injuries and then picked Jeff up, intending on taking him back to Steve for a quick healing spell. Keco decided to scout ahead a little further as he spied a door at the end of the hall.

Keco opened the door and found a small room, filled with a reddish light. Looking around, he saw two, arm-sized beetles climbing around two small coffers; the light was coming from glowing glands on the beetles.

Attempting to kill the beetles to get to the coffers, Keco swung his two-handed sword but missed. The beetles, realizing the threat, counter-attacked. One couldn't penetrate Keco's leather armour, but the other was able to bite the back of Keco's knee. Limping now, Keco realized that the beetles were tougher than he expected and proceeded back to the entrance to reach the others.

Back at the entrance, Aodkas informs the others that he smells cooking food coming from the northern passage at the first intersection. Moving down that tunnel, firelight can be seen coming from a room ahead.

Exten listens closely and hears a number of hobgoblins talking about their dinner. He tries to sneak near the door to peer inside but ends up kicking a rock. The hobgoblins stop talking, so Exten moves back down the mineshaft.

As Exten is moving back to the party, a hobgoblin comes to the doorway and spies the party's lantern in the distance. Yelling for his cohorts, the hobgoblin charges down the hall.

During the fight, Aodkas and Aoko get knocked out, while Exten and Keco are injured. Steve smashes the skull of one hobgoblin but everyone else fails in their attacks. Luckily, Jeff recovers from his injuries enough to cast phantasmal force, making it appear that a group of "assassins" have come to the rescue of the party.

The assassins rush into the melee and immediately kill three of the hobgoblins. The two remaining hobgoblins surrender at the site of so many adversaries. Exten ties them up and forces them to tell him where their treasure is. They lead the party back to their room and indicate the container holding their gold.

Exten opens the container and finds the hidden bottom, revealing a large number of gold coins. While pulling out the coins and dumping them on the floor, Exten attempts to palm some of the coins for himself but fails miserably, the coins falling out of his sleeves as he stands up. Fortunately for him, no one noticed so he is not beaten to a pulp.

Next to the container is a door. Exten listens at the door and hears a knocking sound. Asking the hobgoblins what is on the other side of the door, the say, "Nothing." Not liking the answer, Exten pulls out his crowbar and threatens the hobgoblins. Again they state nothing is on the other side. Still not satisfied, Exten uses his crowbar to smash the hobgoblins toes, continually asking them what is on the other side.

As Exten continues to receive the same response, Steve, becoming agitated at the wanton abuse of captives, steps in and stops Exten. He looks at Exten and says, "Why don't you ask them what the knocking sound is?"

Exten turns to the hobgoblins and asks. Between their screams of pain and sobs of agony, they tell him that the knocking is from a tree root that has grown down a ventilation shaft in the ceiling; the air currents cause the root to hit the side of the wall. Feeling slightly like a jackass, Exten puts his crowbar away.

After some discussion, the group decides to rest in the hobgoblin room so Steve can regain his healing spells and the rest of the party can rest some before continuing on. After taking a nap and meditating, Steve gains new healing spells and casts them on Aodkas and Aoko.

After binding the feet of the hobgoblins to quell their pain, Exten asks them where they got all their money. They tell him that they sometimes waylay passing people on the surface.

Exten then asks if they know anything about the hole in the western corridor. They tell him that it leads deeper into the mine but they don't know exactly where or what is there because they are tasked with staying near the surface.

Upon hearing this, Exten asks if there are other hobgoblins in the mine. He learns that there are more hobgoblins and a number of their allies in the mines, trying to salvage what they can from the remaining mineral veins and expanding the mines into a fortress. They mention that a messenger comes by on occasion to relay news between the different groups. Though the messenger doesn't have a set schedule, they expect him within a few more days.

The party talks about it and decides to head back to the mining town, after splitting the hobgoblin treasure. Each person gets 91 gold pieces, though Exten gets 95 for his "work" with the hobgoblins.

Going back to the town, the group realizes that there is no one to turn the hobgoblin hostages over to. With no "sheriff" or other authority figure available, the barkeeper offers the group 120 gold to take the hobgoblins off their hands. (Being a former mining town, there is still a large amount of gold to be had here; it doesn't mean as much to the inhabitants as it does in other areas. It also means that prices here are significantly higher than elsewhere.)

In the bar, Jeff uses his magic to con the barkeep to give them a free round of drinks. Unfortunately, Jeff gets too drunk and ends up puking on the bar. The barkeeper and his brother carry the passed-out Jeff to the door and throw him into the street, where he lands in a pile of horse dung.

While they are doing this, Exten moves behind the bar and attempts to break into the bar's lock-box. He is unsuccessful and barely makes it back around the bar before the barkeeper comes back.

Aoko goes outside to strip Jeff naked in an attempt to teach him a lesson. After taking off all his clothes, Aoko ties him up and leaves him lying in the horse dung. Meanwhile, Steve pukes on the bartender's shoes, causing him to get irate. The barkeep pulls out his club and starts hitting Steve, yelling at everyone to "get out". The group lurches to the door and heads outside. Stepping over Jeff, they go to the edge of town and set up camp.

Exten sneaks back into town and contemplates breaking into the general store. When listening at the back door, he hears snoring and decides to not take the chance.

Nothing eventful happens during the night, but when they wake up and head back to get Jeff, they find that, sometime during the night, someone decided to use him has a night-light. They find him laying face down with a candle stuck between his butt cheeks, the wax having covered his entire crack.
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