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The Past of Shadows
Louis sipped at his coffee. It was real coffee, not the poor substitute of soy-kaf that most inhabitants of the Seattle Metroplex drank. It was a Jamacan Blue Mountain Roast, strong and pleasantly bitter, which at 200 nuyen a kilogram was more than even the well-to-do residents of Seattle enjoyed. Louis St. Louis was a Somebody.

He placed the delicate china cup gently back onto it's saucer with his large, sausage fingers, careful not to leave any unsitely brown stains on the white linen of his table in the back corner of the Big Rhino. Louis' Momma had taught him that, despite his size and claws, slovenliness was unacceptable. "Louis! Just cause you an orc don't mean you a pig!" "Yes, Momma," he had replied. Louis had always listened to his Momma and her folksy wisdom. It had never failed him.

Louis was an orc. He was a large orc. A VERY, large orc. But he was not one of the over-muscled hulks that they always showed on the trideo. Louis was FAT. Tipping the scales at a good bit over 200 kilograms he looked akin to one of those Paleolithic clay idols in a Banana Republic suit. A plain, straw Fedora with a cream band and white wingtip shoes with a mahogany cane with a solid gold grip shaped like an alligators head completed his ensamble. He found that most folks expected him to dirty or smelly or uncouth, but Louis Momma had taught him better than that. He had worked hard to cultivate good manners and had a natural quick-wit. He bathed almost obsessively and applied pheromone and hormone treatments counter to any unwanted smells. Louis St. Louis was a big, fat orc, but he was never what people expected. And that was what made him one of the most influential fixers in the Metroplex.

Louis reached for his AR monocle, picking it up from the silver tray and preparing himself for another day of connecting those in need with those who can provide. As he placed his cane, which was also equipped with a top-of-the-line commlink, between his legs and rested both his hands on the grip, he noticed the ARO indicating a message was waiting. This was nothing unusual except for who the originator of the message was. Louis scowled.

This was looking to be a bad day.
Session: Louis, Louis! - Tuesday, Apr 23 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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