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EM6 to Sharn
2009-09-25 Day of Mourning Anniversary
This was an extended session due to the next day being a public holiday.

All four adventurers awoke the next morning to find a letter next to their beds summoning them to meet the High Chancellor of Morgave University at the ninth bell. It was a bit of a rush to get there and Goldar was a bit late but they were all ushered quickly through. No refreshments were offered and the councellor addressed them harshly, demanding to know what they had found out so far.

He went on to question Goldar extensively about what had happened to Professor Nephret and how he died. Goldar was required to draw maps of where they went and spent most of the rest of the day working with investigators trying to work out what happened. Late in the day, he went with a group if wizards and inquisitives down to where the meet had takn place. The courtyard was now spotless - even the crate was gone. Goldar began to doubt whether he would be believed but the wizards did still trust him.

The next few days past with much of the same droll stuff happening. Nothing eventful. Just more investigation and classes.

The morning of the Mourning Anniversary event dawned and Sharn settled into an expectant hush. Drake and Goldar were kept busy at Morgave University assisting with the set up for the evening's speech. Kat joined them at lunchtime and managed to drag Drake of to go and collect Darik ir'Tain for their bodygaurd duty. Returning to the University just in time for the start of the speeches, they met up with Zarchar and Goldar and made their way through to the nobel section of the gathering.

The High Councellor opened the proceedings and then introduced another of the history professors who began to ramble on about the last days of The Last War and the Day of Mourning. He acknowledged several visiting dignitaries, including Bren ir'Gaddin who was seated near the front of the VIP section. While none of the other's noticed much in the crowd's standard movement during the long boring speech, Kat saw a man working his way through the crowd in the direction of Bren ir'Gaddin. She tracked him through the crowd always just a few feet behind him and was about to catch up to him when the fireworks display that was meant to signal the end of the speeches went off prematurely, surprising the unfortunate professor who was only half way through his prepared notes. The crowd though were thankful for the early ending of the dry history lesson. Kat was thoroughly distracted and lost her quary in the movement of the crowd as they now dispersed to the various other memorials and celebrations happening in the city.

She rejoined the others and they left the University square. Darik ir'Tain has organised a skycoach to transport them to Bren ir'Gaddin's memorial gathering and they boarded, arranging themselves so as to best protecting him or themselves in the case of Kat who was highly uncomfortable with this mode of flying transport.

As they made their way through the streets of Sharn they passed under a bridge. None of them had spotted the trio of halfling thieves that had been watching fro the bridge and who now leapt onto the skycoach. "Your valuables now if you please," the biggest one demanded, waving his dagger menacingly.

Kat reacted first, hitting the halfling thief leader solidly in the face with her claws. Zarchar Lightening Striked the halfling thief balanced on the back of the skycoach and Goldar's Mage Hand pushed the same halfling thief out of the skycoach and onto the pathway below. Drake unleashed fire on the last underling halfling thief setting him alight.

Kat slashed at the halfling thief leader again. He reacted by swiping at her with his dagger but missed. The underling halfling thief stabbed at Drake, connecting depsite being on fire. Zarchar Lightening Striked the halfling thief leader before Goldar killed him with a Bolt of Light. Drake flamed the underling halfling thief again, killing him.

Kat then pushed the dead bodies out of the skycoach while Goldar attempted to Bolt of Light the halfling thief that had been pushed out of the skycoach at the start of the encounter and was now trying to run away. He unfortunately missed him though. They then continued to Bren ir'Gaddin's gathering where the nervous skycoach pilot gratefully dropped them off and then headed to the closest affordable pub.
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