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Endless Horizons
Session 8: Hunting the Hunter
"Where are you going?", Areothotis asked Glimwick, "Returning to the ship; we lost. She let us live, and I am making the most of that gift". Khala stood defiant, "She slaughters without honor, I cannot let this continue". Elyas just looked around, slightly confused, "And I thought I was going to be the odd man out. Look, we were ambushed by her; that will not happen again."

"Don't be so sure, Elyas." Miri stepped out of the shadows with Dee, "He wouldn't stay behind." Dee, now outfitted in leather armor and carrying Elyas' former blade, nodded to Elyas, "Too long have we sat idly by, allowing others to fight our battle. Today that changes".

Following Roe and Dee, the heroes used every ounce of energy to reach the next village first. They set up an effective ambush against Seeker, proving her undoing. The ferals were dispatched quickly, and her twigblight minions did nothing to slow the anger in the heroes.

However, it was not Glimwick, Khala, Areothotis, or even Elyas who won the day. Roe and the remaining wildlings faked their escape and surrounded Seeker, forcing her surrender and retreat.

With the day won, Dee was named Elfsorrow, bane of the fey, while Roe was honored as their champion. The heroes feasted and rested before making the week-long journey back to Timber.

Back onboard the Chance, Elfsorrow stated his plans to leave the crew once he reached Gateway. He intended to return to Heartland and help the resistance. The heroes, rejuvenated by victory, welcomed their return to the skies. Their smiles would not hold for long, however.

Mere weeks after leaving Timber, a small cloudskiff was spotted, listing in the wind. The insignia on the ship identified it as a courier's guild skiff. One lone survior, an orc, tried to keep the ship flying. The heroes helped him board the Chance, shortly before a much larger, iron-clad ship appeared! Hidden behind a veil of illusion, they made every attempt to reach the Chance.

Once again, their small ship proved to be the faster, and Khala's ever-improving pilot skills kept them beyond cannon fire. The Orc, Raggansh, plead with them to head for Shadowhaven, "The food is in danger! Demons on plenty! Hurry!"

Over the course of the next few weeks, after healing Raggansh, they received the full story. A fellow courier had a message he needed delivered to Shadowhaven;
A demonic influence has endangered the food supplies of Plenty. Please send help.

Unfortunately, his friend died, leaving Raggansh to deliver the message. Glimwick hoped there was a reward for this service.

Arriving on Shadowhaven, the Courier's Guild paid a princely sum of 2,000 cogs for this information, and Captain Skiggs of the Council ship, Peacekeeper, requested the heroes assist them on this trip. Accompanying the captain were two friends of his; Eracha Twofaiths, the dragonborn chosen and champion of Bane, and Helan Joye, provider of the Lifemother. Both were accomplished adventurers and skilled in their respective roles.

Elfsorrow and Miri opted out of this duty, choosing to finish the job for Jeche and Jerle and meet up with the heroes after.

On board the Peacekeeper, the heroes set out for Plenty, the fate of millions rested with the food supplies flowing...
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