Kria's Journal: Part V
"The Aberrated Orogs"

I put a few things together in my mind.

Wasn't hard, mind you, once I sobered up and said goodbye to the lovely stranger sharing my bed for the evening...

And it's all connected a bit much for my liking.

Shorty mentioned Faelara was tied, somehow, to the bandit activity they'd recently dealt with. Symbols, coin, it doesn't matter; the trails are there. Now, there's Drow skulking around amongst the orcs in a position ripe for attacking Veldrane and Cynthar's Gate, and I finally get to confirm my suspicions about the regicide & familicide back in Faelara - white-haired cave dwellers trying to screw with my people - people that'll send them scuttling back to their little holes once I find where my allies are.

So, fine, Miss Voss has a target or two hundred, and she can afford the arrows just fine. I don't mind tracking, either, and I can sure as hell find the skulks now that I know what I'm looking for...but lone ranger will get me killed. Princess Valna, now that she's firmly decided she's staying in the land of the living, listened to my 'theory' rather well. I appreciated that (though she owes me), because my temper was running a bit short, and I honestly don't want to see her watch her country burn when I can just as easily find a way to sway her to raise an army against those dirty Drow and turn my homeland back over to its rightful owners. But the Princess wants proof, which I can grudgingly understand, so I best go get it. Fortunately, it's easy enough to seem like my usual 'money-money-money' self, and as Shorty's at the fore of being sent to the Daggercaps to test for this nonsense, I can easily just tag along. I think I've at least earned 'senior membership' in this little adventurer's club, in any case. Go to the Daggercap Outpost, talk with a guy named 'Deudermont', get some leads to follow on disturbances - fine, easy, here's hoping we find a strong trail.

So we set out, and we're attacked by cutthroats in the night, how deliciously typical. We put them to the grindstone pretty quickly, once we woke the hell up, and I saw another one; a Faelaran agent. Except, I knew the prick was just a drow wearing elf ears, slipping in and out of sight as he tosses his little blades about. I couldn't get an arrow on the bastard, and he got away, but don't worry - next time I'll pin him to the ground through his damn feet.

Getting to the Daggercap Outpost wasn't much trouble thereafter, despite us murdering a half-dozen highwaymen on the way, and we're put to chat with some dull human who doesn't know the first thing about the meaning of fun. Devin Deudermont's a prick, sure enough, but he's apparently 'in-charge' out this way and is playing dumb about the whole drow thing. The humie will get what's coming to him if I find out he's working with them, and I'm not going to make it pretty, not one bit.

I ended up getting into a chat with an elven lady named Abeleth Firestarter, we were...'talking'? It was either arguing, being friendly, or flirting, I'm not a hundred percent sure which. I'm also not sure if I want to get in good with her, or shoot her ears off and paint a wall with them, but I guess that comes later.

She claimed to recognize me from Faelara, I shrugged it off, but she wasn't letting up on the idea too easy. I just kept batting the notion aside, which made her grumpy, but I love making fullblood girls grumpy - nobody does 'haughty' better! Of course, she's probably like five or six times my age, so I won't get too uppity. She gave me a tip-off to some orogs up in the Daggercaps, apparently showing abberations or mutations of some kind, which sounds like 'red alert, drow nonsense involved' to me, so I figured we'd take a look at it. Shorty got the same idea from a dwarf (not before feeding Lucien enough paint thinner to knock him out for a good half hour), so it seems that's where we're headed.

And NOW Deudermont wants to talk to us about it? Bloody typical round-eared malarkey, the man can go screw himself for all I care, but he's offering cash for us to do the job we set out to do anyway. So fine, he's a complete and utter moron, but he's paying me to do what I love - destroy anything the Drow touch.

Abeleth told me to watch my back. Maybe more friend than enemy afterall, I guess, but I'll keep my cards close until I'm sure she's not going to stick a blade in my spine.
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