Second Letter to Mom
Dear Mother,
Well, I was wrong about Sandpoint being a sleepy little village! I've met some new friends here, including humans and a dwarf. We were at a festival here, with contests, music, theater, and drinking (don't worry Mother, no liquor touched these lips).

Suddenly, some goblins attacked! They were trying to burn down the town! My new friends and I jumped into the fray. I decided to fight fire with fire, and used the bombs Uncle Hackett taught me to make. Unfortunately, I was nearly as much hindrance as help. I burned some goblins, but burned myself nearly as much. (But not to worry, Mother, as my new friends and a local cleric took care of that.) But Naugrim, my dwarf friend, had much better results against the green buggers! He cut them down left and right (I would say "cut them down to size" but I am a bit sensitive about my stature with all these talk folk). We even capture a couple of the creatures and took them to the local garrison for questioning. Kalin, another of my new friends, found out they were working with a human! Can you imagine that? I guess it is true they come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak.

Later, a local innkeeper named Ameiko gave us free room and board. We wound down the night with some food and drink (don't worry Mother, the dwarf drank enough for all of us). I retired to prepare more bombs and other mixtures, when the sheriff came and asked us to investigate some goings-on at the town cemetery. So off we went, and Kael (the last but not least of our group), saw something strange and went into a crypt. There he was attacked by walking skeletons! Well, I preformed much better this time! Those pile of bones did not stand a chance against my fire! And I came out unscathed (I did scorch my friends a bit...but they swear it is alright by them....I hope they mean it).

So we went back for some much needed rest. But when we awoke, we were told our hostess is missing. So I must keep this short as we are heading out to find her shortly.

Your loving son,
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