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Rise of the Runelords
6/16/2013 - Glass and Wrath
Naugrim and Kalin took watch at the front of the Glassworks while Kael and Snib explored the beach, looking for the hidden entrance that Lonjiku had mentioned at the Garrison. Kael and Snib eventually found what they were looking for - a cave in the cliff face about 20 feet off the ground, marked by a rolled up rope ladder. Kael went back to fetch the rest of the group while Snib stayed behind to watch the cave opening. Shortly after Kael left a gnawed bone with a few chunks of meat flew out of the opening - clearly something was having a meal inside.

Kael assembled the rest of the group and set up a rope descend into the cave from above. Inside they found a few goblins huddled around a small campfire. Judging by the surroundings, these goblins had been living here for a while. The goblins were taken by surprise but fought with anything they could get their hands on, including glass bottles from the factory above, but they were no match for the adventurers. One goblin was able to escape into the darkness, but the rest were brought down swiftly.

The group tracked the remaining goblin and found a door leading to a long tunnel. One side of the tunnel led North, into darkness, while the other led South. Kael was able to track the goblin's prints and led the group South, where the tunnel eventually opened up into a storage room.

The group could hear the goblin talking to someone in the next room over, and moved in to see Tsuto standing behind a desk waiting for them. Tsuto had no interest in negotiations and a quick battle followed. Tsuto's martial arts prowess helped him put up a fight, but he was eventually knocked unconscious while trying to escape. The group found many items on his body, most notably a journal filled with various notes and maps detailing attacks on Sandpoint. The attempts to interrogate Tsuto proved to be unsuccessful, deteriorating to the point where Tsuto was beating his head against the concrete in an attempt to end his own life. At this point the adventurers elected to knock Tsuto unconscious and bring him to Sandpoint Garrison for safekeeping.

Once it was clear that Tsuto would not provide any clues to help locate Ameiko the adventurers decided to investigate the rest of the building in hopes of finding her. Luckily, they were able to find her in an adjacent room. Ameiko was bound, gagged, and unconscious, but thankfully she was still alive. In the interests of time the adventurers elected to bring the two unconscious Kaijitsu siblings with them while the investigated the rest of the building.

After leaving the basement Kalin brought Tsuto and Ameiko to some members of the town guard and asked them to take the bodies to the Garrison and Cathedral, respectively. The group decided to investigate the sounds of glass breaking coming from within the Glassworks and found one last group of goblins causing some trouble in the furnace room. It seemed that these goblins had killed the Glassworks workers and were feeding their bodies into the furnace. These goblins clearly didn't know that their leader had been defeated, as they attempted to run into the basement for help. The adventurers were able to quickly defeat this last pack, finally ridding the Glassworks of this goblin threat.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jun 16 2013 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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