Session 5 and 6 - Death to the meanies, and andrew wants to die
Session 5:

Regrouped and drove to a back door to attack with the intent to scout, watch and seize opportunities.

Came across old roadside hotel with a ton of dead bodies up front. found a living no name and almost killed him because he was shouting. Two alien soldiers up stairs and they booby trapped the path. Set grenade trap off and shot soldier up high. Disabled secondary trap and collected explosives.

Second soldier jumped out window and landed hurt clutching chest as if to grab a grenade and andrew shot.

Walked away with two M4's with silencers and scopes and two glasses.

Jon Drove us up to a drop point and we got out and summited some hills to watch the camp. Jon drove the truck back and fixed the duece and was ready for us when we needed him.

Reviewing the situation it appeared that we had a window of opportunity where the enemy was scattered. Instead of observing we made the attack on the snipers first. One man trained on the sniper and two attempted to get close. In this manner we took them out and grabbed their gear/rucksacks. We also took out the snipers on the roofs and a small group in the woods that were easy to hit.

We then heard the aliens and had between 30-40 minutes before they arrived. We ran down the hill with items and began engagement from behind building. Majority of group took the front and Jason moved to the back to secure and ducked down by the stairs.

Many people died. three groups sustained an attack from the front, half of the fourth group took position on one of the shorter buildings, and one groups went around to the back. There was also attacks from people within the buildings and grenades tossed, which were tossed back inside.

Base was taken. Refuges were freed and supplies taken.

Stopwatch started at 25-30ish minutes till alien arrival. Game plan was 10-15 minutes and we were booking out of there.

Session 6

Items were selected.

mostly plot development.

Stopped at warehouse (halfway to base) for preliminary inspection of prisoners are more complete scan of frequencies looking for alien tech. Found nothing but did load up on gas, beer, candy bars and most important Gatorade.

Jessica spent time bonding and talking with people. Andrew spent time checking them out for aliens. Jason spent time cleaning gun and then reconnaissance. Jon spent time obtaining fuel. Other Jon stood watch and assisted where needed.

Satisfied that we had made ourselves as safe as possible we stung some blankets over the back to prevent visual identification of our location and drove back to base following the course Ray wanted us to take.

At base we ran blood samples and identified the 16 year old Susan with the alien strain. Andrew shot her without explanation and immediately drew the ire of the other survivors. Jason attempted to diffuse, but Andrew seemed to be tired of life and wanted to provoke until he was shot almost dead. Jason held back thinking that he could probably take the group out in two rounds, but realized that Andrew would still be dead and nothing won as well as more people he'd need to kill and harm to others in the team.

Instead he started on a plan for what to do once Andrew was shot. Once shot Jason ran in and stated that andrew was incapacitated and then began injecting with nanites while attempting to calm the crowd with the sharp pointy projectile weapons down and talked through his actions with a calm voice describing his actions.

The vet came over to assist after Andrew was stabilized and Jason could turn his attention to the refuges and finish defusing.

In the mean time Jessica and other jon were talking and bonding with the refuges attempting to get a feel for them and boost their moral (jessica didn't mention, but that was actually the intent and purpose). they came out when the gun shots had gone off.

Matt had also come out and Jason started fast talking him and explaining what had happened. Attempting to diffuse the situation he kept it somewhat neutral but leaning with fault towards Andrew to prevent a situation where Matt might think people blamed his refuges and he needed to kill us to prevent revenge.

At that time it was noticed that the blood was crawling towards us, by jessica, and we backed the truck out and burned the blood on the tire and blood on the ground. One soldier was infected and Jessica had matt shoot the guy so that our team wasn't found at fault and ownership was now shared in the need to kill infected people.

Ethan was freaking out and drunk. Jessica talked with Matt about plans to leave so we weren't disruptive and he was receptive.

We attempted to access computer but failed and we were too tired to find anything in the paper work.

Upon waking we had materials moved out to the Humvee, talked to Silvia and convinced her and Ray to join us. jessica, other jon, and Jason began putting plans in place.
Looking to give people purpose and hope so they weren't dead men walking. Looking to prevent idleness.

Jason taught proper handling of weapons and drills and the why of the drills. Pointed out to vet the need to quarantine sick people.

Jessica was looking for people who might be a good fit to assist (or replace) ethan. Organization for health, food, coordination of people, coordination of fighting forces, moral builders and activities to keep non-military busy and so on.

Other jon created an escape route and better fortified the perimeter and patrols and rolled so well that it's as freaking awesome as they can possibly get it. (03 and 02 for serious win)

Jessica also located admin that we had help us go through the papers where we discovered that the lost memory people were all being followed.

Silvias Story:

Wild fling with Andrew history but nothing else.
Jason "rescued her" from some people who were sick and she was attempting to trace back the source of a contagious disease. Instead the locals took her hostage and special forces were sent in. Freeing her would be unusual as that's not normally how it works.

Special forces burned her work despite her protest. All of her notes on the infectious disease.

Upon freeing her (whether it was accidental that the forces were there or on purpose) the two units split and Jason came back and prevented the second unit from assassinating her.

Coupled with Silvia's story:

Jason theorizes that we somehow identified an issue and noticed things weren't right and began talking to each other. The disease outbreak may have been an early version of the alien disease/hosting or maybe it was a key to the cure (because the mind control should have been in place for about 10 years before that)

Silvia has hopefully since the rescue re-jotted down notes while they were fresh and has a journal to review for clues? Maybe her and Andrew can chat for ideas.

It's snowing in seattle in November and the blood did not seem effected by the cold. Jason also ponders that the snow might be a terraform effort?

Extra ammo and some extra rifles are given to the refuges as well as all but 1244 cans of food. (I can show you the space it would take up, and should be easily doable in the Humvee.)

Jason will also check my first aid memory and mild chemistry skill for any thing that might kill and look like alcohol poisoning. I'll talk with Jessica and Matt about the second in command and if there are other capable leaders. If so, I may look into killing ethan as drunks are bad for moral, and the health of the people. Judgement call that needs to be done before we leave. Could also get a sense from Matt at how willing he might be to take Ethan out of there and simply remove him from leadership.

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