A new start.
Boats are not a place for men of the desert. The air is full of moisture. The ocean does no good for a desert mans stomach. This environment is unsettling. It matches my mood. I find myself troubled by the way events have recently unfolded. Events gather apace and change is upon our company again.

The traveling company consisting of myself, Taraka and Kalika have been bolstered by two adventurers. A silver tounged illusionist who never stops talking and a Simian who likes to keep himself company.

Lapron the illusionist has a continuous chatter escaping his lips. He whines when things don't go his way and he never just accepts the way things are. I find it easier to just avoid speaking to him, lest another discourse on some obscure subject escape his lips. Like every other illusionist I've encountered, he has a lot to say.

The ape-man Simus is not a talker. We encountered it on the boat job (I'll get to that soon). Like us, it is an adventurer. What it seeks through adventure I cannot say. It spends it's time, mostly alone in the rigging. I imagine it misses the trees of it's home. I keep thinking to myself that I must get it some bananas to make it feel at home. Apparantly bananas are bad luck on a boat. The crew did not take kindly to me asking if any of them had one to spare.

We find ourselves on a boat in its employ as protection against any foreseeable difficulties that steel can solve. Our last job just didn't work out and Taraka has been getting drunk on what the little money he had left. Kalika was the one who found the work and we took up the employ eagerly (we were able to drag Taraka away from the bar with the idea that boats carry a lot of rum).
Session: Game Session 3.1 - Sunday, Jul 07 2013 from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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Not even a mention of your old adventuring buddy Bjorngruff
Not unless he comes back. Then there will be words...
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