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Endless Horizons
Session 9: The Hunger
The journey aboard Peacekeeper was not without conflict. The soldiers were outwardly hostile toward Elyas; the long struggle between the fey and the Trade Council was not easily forgotten. To make matters worse, the ship's mage was none other than Ghenna Tenser. Thankfully, she was less combative this time. Captain Skiggs proved he had firm control of his crew, reducing tensions and punishing those who ignored his commands.

The rest of the command crew, Eracha and Helan, spend much of their time with Khala and Areothotis, respectively. Eracha explained that she and Khala were trained by the same master, Sytheris Firebelcher. She was cast out for her heretical decision to worship the Battlelord. Meanwhile, Helan and Areothotis spent their time reflecting on the information at hand. How was Plenty attacked that Melora did not respond? The sheer comprehension of her inaction was impossible to grasp. Unfortunately, the answers could only be found on Plenty.

Just days before reaching the Razor Passage, Peacekeeper encountered a grain barge floating off course. The heroes were dispatched to investigate, as it appeared as though one of the hatches did not seal before passing through the falls. On board, their concerns were confirmed; all inside had drowned, locked inside the grain barge. The crew, however, suffered in such a way that their souls did not rest, creating a ship full of undead! The heroes made a quick escape, ordering the Peacekeeper to fire upon the grain barge until it fell from the sky.

The Razor Passage was tense, but uneventful. The mists did not clear, though, when they reached the port of Plenty. Through the haze they could see the citizens along the docks, waiting for any ship to arrive. The people looked emaciated, starved, and half-crazed. A large cargo ship with the name The Hunger left port on a collision course with the Peacekeeper. The crew took immediate action to brace for the impact. Khala and Areothotis assembled a make-shift bomb out of gunpowder and an island hopper while Elyas worked to get the sails unfurled. Glimwick and Ghenna conjured a wall of force to slow the ship, knocking it off a direct hit.

The Hunger slammed into the stern of the Peacekeeper, ripping a large hole in the hull. Across the deck of the Hunger lay the bodies and bones of other hapless sailors who entered the Razor Passage. Spilling out from the deck were the starving denizens, led by a crew of demon worshipping dwarves! The dwarven leader, Khedira brought forth fire and brimstone, igniting the deck of the Peacekeeper. It was all in vain, however, as Glimwick used his newly acquired knowledge to raise the very dead from Hunger's deck to enact their revenge! They ripped and tore at the flesh of the Hunger's crew, leaving few alive for Khala and Elyas to play with.

With the skirmish ended, the crew made plans to go ashore and uncover the fiends behind this plot. Areothotis and Helan were convinced the answers would be found at the Teardrop. Standing between them and the most holy of Melora's temple, however, was a sea of flesh hungry villagers.

Fighting through the mass, they slowly, made their way up the hill to the lifemother's temple. Upon entering, Areothotis and Helan fell to their knees in disbelief; the temple was desecrated! A priestess was hung, crucified, to the floating crystal Teardrop in the hall. The sight was too much to bear, and many of the soldiers sought to find another haven. Turning to leave, they saw hungered flowing toward the temple, along with glowmad and demons. There was no escape, they had to make a stand here...
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