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Shadows of Albany
Game Session 008
The party finds a bunkroom and inside they find a magic rod in a locked chest. Venturing onward, they find a room full of trash, then a mess hall with several tables. Despair lingers in the room while the others move on, only to be attacked by an alligator appearing from the moat through the broken wall.

They also find an old trophy room, a kitchen full of bats (Despair falling face first into the bat droppings), an armory full of old decayed weaponry (and a +1 dagger), some human skeletons, and room with a chair. Checking out the large tower, they find themselves up against a group of rats. It takes them a while but they eventually overcome the vermin.
Session: Game Session 008 - Thursday, Aug 01 2013 from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: adventure , Recap , Summary