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Endless Horizons
Session 10: The Stand
Captain Skiggs lay unconscious on a pew. "He's hurt badly, but he'll live...", no one needed Helan to finish his sentence, as they all thought the same, "...if we do".

The heroes, along with roughly twenty surviving councilmen, were all that stood between life and hell. An army of hungered ushered forth by demons advanced on the Teardrop. It was defiled, broken down, and not nearly defensable. Despair was setting in.

Khala took command of the situation. He rallied the soldiers and began setting up defenses. Elyas took a few men outside the temple to lay some traps in hopes of slowing down the hungered while Areothotis worked to consecrate the temple. Meanwhile, Glimwick found a cache of healing potions and distributed them to a number of the soldiers before taking a position on the second level. The Teardrop was barricaded and prepared for onslaught.

It was a bloodbath. Under Khala's command, however, the soldiers prevailed, fighting back the hungered and their demonic masters for many hours; long enough for Areothotis to cleanse the temple and awaken Melora from her imprisonment. The deluge returned to cleanse the island of taint, while Melora beckoned the heroes into her pool.

The battle was far from over, yet Eracha was confident in her men. The heroes entered the pool and were immediately whisked away in a waterspout. Soaring across the island they felt the warm embrace of Melora healing their wounds. Their destination became quickly clear as they descended upon the Navigator's Hall with ever increasing speed, smasing through the domed ceiling; through the floors; through the basements, eventually coming to a stop in a long-forgotten catacomb.

Their entrance alerted the villain behind the curtain, as Kedrick Lifedancer appeared. Knowing the heroes were not likely to join his cause, he introduced them to his cabal. A large number of cultists surrounded the party, ready to strike. Just then, the walls shuddered and the ground shook under the heavy weight of footsteps. The huge beast, Raganash, the hunger demon, exploded through a wall! He lunged toward the party, tearing into Khala!

Beneath the Navigator's Hall the heroes proved they were more than outcast scavengers. Each played their part in the victory; none was any more, or any less, worthy of the title hero. Areothotis and Glimwick worked fervently to deny their enemies safe ground, while providing allies with painted targets and weakened foes. Elyas took the most punishment from the cabal, standing between them and his allies until the last fell.

Believing them all dead Elyas lowered his blade a moment too soon. Raganash rushed from out of nowhere to crush Elyas! Khala brought him down with a blast of dragon's fire, but not soon enough to save his friend.

Once topside, they could see their victory. The island was awash with Melora's cleansing tide, sweeping the dead off the isle and clearing the memories of the islander's depraved acts. She appeared before the three survivors to thank them for their bravery.

Eracha and the surviving soldiers approached with a smile and a sigh. They won the day, but not without cost. The islanders were ever greatful for their sacrifice and offered up everything short of the island as payment.

In the days that followed, the heroes prepared for their return journey. Areothotis was not convinced he would leave with them, however. The Temple needed a high priest and the people needed guidance.

With heavy remorse, Khala and Glimwick said goodbye, leaving both Areothotis and Elyas back on Plenty.
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