Touching the Gray...
Great. Another sand trap that we're going to go into. At least this one should pay off for our clutch...

Pak'Cha glowers as he picks himself up off of the ground after Scar knocked him down. Following the rest of his clutch over the trapped bridge after a moment, displeased with the discussion to simply cross without any attempt to make the rubble stable. He easily jumps across the distance- following... at least until the Horror attacks.

Struggling through the sand and silt as he tries to rise out of the nasty stuff, he senses an opening, and lashes out with a bunch of lightening gathered into his fist. Following the first attack he feels the familiar sense of Solaris making another opening, as well as the subtler rage of Scar as she strikes a powerful blow that even he can feel through the sand.

Pak'Cha follows his clutch into the den of many things like his Friend Sanguine, taking stock of their situation and finding it more and more dire the deeper they go into the building.

Keeping his eyes on Sanguine, and also trying to keep track of every possible enemy in the room.

As he realizes that Kalinth is indeed different than Solaris... And very similar to the...stone...thing... that whats-his-name-Sanguine's-brother-thing held. Without thinking about it, he reaches out with the new strength he found in the the place between. His mind reaches out and with a mental grasp reaches for Kalinth.

Elation, and pain rushes through him as Kalinth retaliates lightening dancing over his shell briefly as Solaris attempts to hit him to no great effect. Words are spoken, but Pak'cha's mind races.

No. Deeper. I need to pull that thing out of him, so we can give it to that thing....and maybe escape here alive... We can help Solaris afterwards when we're safely away. And he can bring back Anamis, and things will be manageable at least.

Pak'Cha reaches out for Kalinth again, spreading his mind outwards once again, mentally grasping the spirit and heaving on it mightily, though there is still nothing happening.

Maybe I should take him with me through the Gray... that would give me the edge I need to do this..

The world around Pak'Cha fades in color as Pak'cha begins the first step to accessing the power to pull Solaris between worlds for a moment, and attempt to pull Kalinth free of him, only to be hit by the mountainous wall of flesh that is Crusher, feeling himself be dragged back. With an frustrated growl Pak'cha mindlessly writhes, trying to slip out of the impossible grip, with no great affect. Struggling against Crusher, Pak'cha argues with Sanguine about loss and how best to protect those with them... as Solaris does something stupid, and power surges around them. "CRUSHER! THROW ME!" Pak'Cha snarls, already curling his body for an attack, though at whom remains to be seen...
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Wow. Really? REALLY? I just... I just... No. No. Bad Dustin.
Haven't even read the post. Just saw your title.
Nice. Lol.
I would have gone with "Fifty Shades of Grey" myself.
Pak'cha needs pills. enough said.