Light and Shadow
It had looked, non threatening enough when they arrived. A simple corpse animated by energies that sustained it beyond death. A sight that while not natural was not enough to shock Solaris anymore. It wasn't until they reached out to sense what fueled it that they received a flash of a dragon made of shadow wreathed in lightning. The imagery was powerful and evoked a level of unease from both Kalinth and Solaris. Solaris looked at the being in the chair at the head of the table they now sat at and felt a great amount of apprehension at what they were sitting in the room with, noting that no one else seemed at all aware that there was more to this 'undead' being than the obvious.

"I want him, or more to the point what he has."

Solaris looked up briefly from his contemplations to realize he was being singled out by the creature. Coldness creeped into Solaris as the realization of what was meant was understood, "He is not mine to give as he is apart of me."

Suffice to say, things went poorly from there.

The being went on to discuss how Kalinth was a threat to Solaris and the rest of them, that Kalinth was a piece of some greater whole and in his current state, little more than a parasite destined to burn Solaris out, both in body and soul... Unless of course the being removed it and joined it with another piece of this 'whole' he happened to have. Instantly Solaris became suspicious of the matter of fact nature this information was delivered, and how carefully constructed the dialogue was to ensure the appearance that Solaris was suffering and that doing this would 'liberate' him from a horrible fate.

It was soon after the being presented a stone that held a piece of what he claimed Kalinth was that Solaris felt a veritable wrenching at his soul. Looking up, him and Kalinth instantly realized Pak'Cha was attempting to try and 'save' Solaris by pulling out Kalinth, not realizing he was removing their very soul in his attempts to do so. Solaris swung out haphazardly with a fist but Kalinth retorted more appropriately with a burst of energy putting the bug off for a moment. Things continued to get worse though with Pak'cha trying again in his haphazard way to 'save' Solaris. Things seemed to start spiraling out of control when Pak'Cha's third attempt was stopped only by Crusher moving quickly to grab the Thri-Kreen and pin it against the wall.

Solaris seemed unconcerned with what was going on for a moment before suddenly standing and placing his weapons on the table and starting to walk towards the being holding the stone, The discussion he had already had with Kalinth running through his mind for a brief moment. He stopped merely an arms length away from the being and placed his hand near the stone, "Let what I do now prove the merits of what i've done and what I am and end this needless conflict."

You know once this starts there is no going back right? Things won't be the same.

I know. But it must be done.

He felt Kalinth reach out to the stone, blue and silver energy starting to form around it as it started to pull Kalinth in. A smile forming on the creatures face as this happened, his guard lowering just a fraction.


Kalinth suddenly twisted the energy near the stone reversing the pull. No longer was it pulling him in, but he was now attempting to pull it's contents out. The being sensing the change immediately moved to stop Kalinth, becoming embroiled in a contest of wills.
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Quick note: Since it has been a while since we've played I figured i'd recap the motivation for what Solaris/Kalinth are doing at the end (rather than write out some long dialogue) Simply put, Solaris promised Kalinth to try and discover what it is Kalinth is, while they know of what he was in his 'past' life, The information Sanguine's brother (god help me I couldn't remember his name again lol) provided has heavily motivated Solaris/Kalinth into this course of action. When Kalinth merged with Solaris he was broken and fragmented, the hope is that what they are doing is essentially recovering a piece of Kalinth, whatever it may be. If it proves however to be another entity like Kalinth, one that is intent on merging with him, they will cross that road when it comes.
Another note: Pak'cha intends to deworm Solaris of the thing in his noggin, like a good frien would try to do! Because he's protecting his silly clutch mate who has two minds in his noodley brain kinda thing. Damn fleshy people being crazy with extra brain mind type things.
Maybe we could slip one of those de-worming pills into his soup.
Watch out for Pak'cha's flying special. Heard he's serving up some fist size egg rolls with this plate!