“Always lead by example, never let your weaknesses be shown and always strive for greater self discipline. Remember these lessons well recruits, for they are the foundation of our power.” Prelate Lanius ends his speech and gives Scar a nod. “Take command here Lady Ash, and show these recruits what it means to be a templar.”

Images of slaughter pass before her eyes, the countless dead staring lifelessly into oblivion. Swords planted in stomachs, entrails spilling forth like black writhing snakes. Moans of agony are the chorus of this massacre, as its actors perform their roles flawlessly. The weak are culled, broken and flayed, while the victors march forward, again and again doomed to forever repeat their past.

Scar screams madly seeing Lanius’s standing before her. She swings stonebreaker savagely in a broad overhand cut. The blade cuts through his grinning face, splitting it like an overripe fruit. The body falls thrashing violently in its death throes, and then dissolves into blowing sand….

Scar stands before the dead Silt Horror, breathing heavily, arms quaking in rage.

“You okay.” Sanquine asks.

“Perfectly fine.” Scar says, kicking a severed tentacle away..
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