Cracked Yet Not Broken

Scar, also known as Scab listens to her comrades bickering over decisions needing to be made. Her patience wears thin as she sees her group slowly dissolve, forming into factions amongst themselves. Swords are drawn, and friends are pitted against each other. She sighs inwardly understanding that something must be done… Wishing only that others would step forward.

After the fighting is all said and done, Scar reflects on the aftermath. She is reminded of her time in the service, and grimaces slightly. She has led many men to their deaths, and now only dreams of wielding her blade alone. She knows solitude is not realistic, but neither is her leadership…

Her eyes rest on her companions for a moment, and she cannot help but judge them all.

Sanguine: Adept killer, yet unable to separate her emotion in the time of battle. A weakness was born when she was unable to take the final strike against her brother. Whether it was skill or love that held her hand astray I will never know. I only hope she can prove to be the killer she is, and be more decisive in the future.

Crusher: A gladiator of great ability yet balked in the face of a challenge. He showed weakness when confronted by former champions in the arena of the grey. Crusher’s attitude and fighting prowess demand respect, but wither to nothing when defiance is not checked.

Solaris/Kalanith: Psion warrior who broke beneath a challenge he created. The potential is there, though Scar regrets she had to intervene to make this a fair fight. She truly wished Kalanith could have defeated his opponent without help, yet he was victorious in the end. She admires his ambition, but thinks it will see him dead in the end.

Pak’Cha: A fighter of great ability, yet torn within. His methods are unpredictable to Scar like those of an untrained recruit. This blade needs to be tempered again and reformed, lest it slowly break to pieces in the many fights to come.
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