Loss and Anger, Focus, and Fury..
Punchy stood beside Squisher, and Scab looking down at the arena floor. The thought that this sand pit was small floats through Punchys' mind as the next squad come out onto the sands, a pair of sad looking fleshys, and a older fleshy, though he looked capable, along with this mammoth of a female. The sad looking ones get cut down quickly, and Punchy feels a shiver of excitement, the same that rolls through the crowd at their deaths by bandit hands, though part of himself recoils at the though, tensing in confusion.. The older fleshling and the huge female make short work of them though, which Punchy finds pleasing, gripping the links of the magical chains forming the cells.

Their victory is cut short as this horrifying beast erupts from the sand behind them, a long lashing tail slamming through the back of the older fleshling as a spray of acid takes his primary arm, his word falling to the sand below him, already soaking with his blood.

"HARGO!" the name is screamed, torn from the throats of his clutch, and the huge, taunt form of the goliath below. Realization floods through Pak'cha, and he stands chest pressed to the chains, as Hargo's body is flung without ceremony at them. He reaches through the chains, and catches the old man, meeting the lifeless gaze of the human as anger burns deeply within him, and his clutch. The furious rage in them burns away the confusion as a single thought takes them all at once. That thing will not live to see the night fall.

Crusher and Scar grab the chains, bodies rippling with effort and fury as they begin to pry the bars apart, the magic giving way slowly to their strength. Solaris...Kalinth... Both of them reach out, and physic power lashes out, helping foil the power of the chains. Harbek hauls back, that massive hammer of his shaking in his grasp as he delivers the final blow, breaking the chains apart long enough for them to slip through the gap.

Guards leap down from above, weapons at the ready. Pak'cha lets go of the body of Hargo, Brushing past one human, and creating an opening in his wake. A quick surge of his body takes him right up to the giant three headed beast, blows falling from him like hammers on those around his friends. Sanguine tears into the thing with her hands as Pak'cha is hit...and then trampled underfoot.

Rolling and simply trying to keep from being crushed, Pak'cha spends a brief eternity hearing the fight around him continue. As his friends manage to kill the thing, the last guard standing leaps from the sand into the stands, calling for back up that's already on the way. Everyone scatters, though Harbek takes the time to help Pak'cha to his unsteady feet, before moving to help Malla.

More power surges, from the duo of Solaris, and Kalinth, as smokey lightning coats the ruined flesh of Malla... and restores it. Together, Malla and Harbek move, up into the stands, as Pak'cha grimly does what he can to keep their path clear, determined to lose no more of his clutch this day, the stench of failure nearly to much for him to stand as he savages the few guards stupid enough to continue to stand against them.

The clutch coming back together, a question is posed, though by whom Pak'cha can't tell, shock making his mind sluggish. "Where can we hide?" comes the question, and Pak'cha points the way, though someone....

Who are these people? Stupid Fleshies.. No... Mine, aren't they? Yes. Crusher. Malla. Sanguine. Scar. Harbek. Solaris/Kalinth. Hargo. HARGO! Those Bastards... They all need to pay! But focus.. Gotta make it through tonight first...

Pak'cha nods, agreeing with something, though he isn't sure what. The clutch starts moving, Pak'cha helping where he can, though he's exhausted, and confused.

How can this place be so terrible? Is this what their minds are like? How can they survive all of this... all the time.. Damn fleshlings and they minds and confusion!

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