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After an (fortunately) uneventful rest the party quickly moved to enact their plan to return to Kalidnay and hopefully work with Sanguine's aunt, the 'Queen of Kalidnay', to get themselves and the city back to Athas and out of the grey. Their plan: Hijack a supply caravan going to city and use it to gain access without having to worry about city patrols. Once in the city Sanguine would smooth things over with her aunt and things would end with sunshine, happiness and maybe a hug or two. Unfortunately, Athas has a habit of making problems for plans.

The party was quickly able to locate where the caravan route but were discovered by a pair of scouts riding fiery beasts, after a small measure of effort though they eliminated the patrol and sabotaged a nearby pillar to block most of the road. Soon enough a caravan arrived and began to pass through when the party engaged them and the first problem with the party's plan manifested. The problem: Caravan guards like to live.

The party was able to quickly cause problems for the caravan with their various skills; Crusher was able to head off the first wagon merely by holding it's sergeant in front of wagon, forcing the driver to stop moving lest he run over his superior. Harbeck challenged the entirety of the second and third wagon's guards and succumbed only to their overwhelming numbers, Kalinth quickly brought his powers to bear and got Harbeck on his feet before striking down several of the small minions plaguing the dwarf. Pak'cha quickly moved in eliminating several more of the guards and preparing himself to pursue the third cart, now taking advantage of the brawl to escape, but was stopped by the commander of the caravan with a vicious strike. Sanguine moved in to try and destroy the remaining survivors when the plan's next problem manifested: Pak'Cha.... Was unconscious and about to be decapitated by a sergeant.

After a discussion as to whether or not to save Pak'Cha, the party decided they'd rather save the sociopath than not and brokered a deal with the caravan to ride in with the remaining caravan wagons, filling the holes in man power they'd just recently created. The caravan guards kept true to their words, likely out of a mix of fear and dislike for Kalidnay and got the party into the city. The party was able to subtly enter the palace, linking up with Mala and Scar who had procured disguises from the local guard, and began the process of making their way to where Sanguine believed her aunt would be eating dinner. Soon enough they quickly reached the garden and heard voices of various templar reporting to the Queen their lack of success in finding her niece and the success they had achieved in recapturing most of the escaped slaves.

Sanguine revealed herself to her aunt who was relieved to see her niece safe but soon unsure of things when she heard that her niece was in league with those that caused the great mess at the coliseum. Pak'cha and Kalinth both revealed themselves trying to clear some of the confusion and express interest in helping the Queen with her plan's to escape the grey when two more problems with the plan came up. Problem 1: Pak'cha has the diplomatic tact of a rabid Jhakar and succeeded only in angering the queen and Problem 2: The orb resting upon the top of Kalinth's trikal seemed to be recognized by her and resulted in her calling a Sanguine a whore, whether it be because Sanguine gets to bask in it's presence, or bitches be crazy is yet to be seen.
Session: Session 45 - Monday, Dec 16 2013 from 3:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Yeah. No more recaps for the Pak'cha haters. Seriously. Y'all'd be dead without Pak'cha soaking up all the DPS. Lol.