It could be worse... Probably...
An uneasy night's rest is greeted with a mid morning fight that went very well. A couple of horrible mind numbing beasts with strange...feet claw things and a couple of terrible spirits. A couple of nice soft squishies rounded out the complement that were handily rounded up. (With only a short period of lost time for Pak'cha.)

The day wore on with the wagons coming just about on time. The pillar was knocked over with ease to block the path that the wagons could have taken, diverting them to a single path. The attack started off wonderfully, Harbek going to work on the caravan guards. Pak'cha leapt from the top of the tower, and unleashed a quick torrent of power, his every motion bringing pain, and death as everyone leaps into action.

Pak'cha moved into the cart, aiming to finish this fight by kicking everyone else out of the cart, and dumping them onto the ground by the feral Sanguine. That plan was cut short when the Captain of wagon train simply refused to be moved, despite every perfect technique thrown at him. A series of quick strikes by the Captain and the female beside him left Pak'cha falling... only to awaken in a barrel.

A few words from Crusher keep the lanky bug from exploding from the tiny wooden prison, though the stink of the fluid within the barrel can be felt soaking into his shell, shifting it's color to a deep rusty red.

A lifetime later, the barrel opens, and Pak'cha climbs out. A pair of robes later, they move the the big building, to the shadows of a garden where a couple guards are standing around a table where a smallish female is eating. Sanguine moves out to talk to the woman. a short time later, after Sanguine makes it clear that she and her friends mean no harm, Pak'cha moves out, hands held up in a gesture of non-violence. A few demonic things later and one clearly insane lady later, Pak'cha feels his fists closing as he settles into a quick stance, his vision widening as he prepares for what he thinks will be a fairly short fight, the ugly grayness of the world around him seeping further into his skin as he delves deeper into the gray, ready to use it to his advantage now, no longer feeling as friendly towards these bastards, a feeling of rage filling him though he doesn't know why...
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