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After the Last War
Test Post 1

Yob glanced at the Maiden one last time before pushing forward the hyperdrive levers. He’d entrusted her to Boguss, the pilot from among the survivors, and trusted him…in a general sense. Seeing his own ship about to vault into a jump without him at the helm was disconcerting. True, the YT-2400g that he was now piloting was a much better ship – faster, greater cargo capacity, better crew amenities, to name a few. And he’d only been flying the Maiden for a few months – but she was his ship. Had he seen the 2400g and the Maiden next to each other and could afford either, he’d have bought the 2400g without a second thought. Still…

He pushed those feelings aside as he considered their next move. He and Boguss had agreed upon the route and destination, as well as a specific protocol upon arriving there. They’d get out of Desariun and in so doing try to shake the Imperials who were probably monitoring their departure from somewhere in the system. He’d heard that those deep space scout ships had really good sensors, and it was their entire purpose to watch things, gather information, and send it home. The cover was completely blown on the location of the Sa Nalaor and it survivors – the task now was to get as far away as possible.

The big question is “where are you headed?”
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What's this look like?
Kill em all!!!!
As for the killin' of them all, I agree. I'm going to see how I can change the background and make it prettier - I looked and have seen other campaigns customized in that manner.

But hey..I got notice of your message! That's a start!
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It seems kind of plain, but functional. Prettier might make it easier to look at, but the important part is function.