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In the wake of Titans
Log #19 - Mission II - Chapter 1 - March 4th, 2014
04/13/10 AF

Bubbles asks around a bit and is able to nab a second-hand bouncer morph that has a strange weakness (Zero-G Nausea) that makes it less desirable for it's normal uses, but perfectly fine for this mission. His cover story is going to be military drone operator (of Lafeyette). Lafeyette will be a sensor suite drone and a sample taking mechanism for dangerous situations. Viktor will be a psychoanalyst specializing in high tension military deployments.

Viktor calls in a favor (@-rep) to score High Gravity Adapation implant for himself (24 hours + 40% extra time = 33.6 hours for the favor, and then 12 hours surgery/recovery time). He gets stuck in a healing vat for a while.

Lafeyette does some online research and finds a really juicy Jovian recruitment portal used by less technically savvy members of their HR departments. Determines that the source site is encrypted, and decides to start sniffing for Admin level users, and finds one logging in from offsite. He hacks into there directly, and amazingly went in at Hidden status (amazing rolls). Programmed a Backdoor to give him direct access to the recruitment portal at will as an Administrator. Plans to take any IDs they get (fake or real) and insert them directly into the database using the admin account later. (1:15 passes for this)

Lafeyette uses a c-rep favor, with 60% extra time taken, 38.4 hours to look for a single Fake ID.
Success was so good it only took 24 hours
Lafeyette uses a g-rep favor, with 60% extra time taken, 38.4 hours to look for a single Fake ID
Success was so good it only took 21.6 hours

Fake ID for Bubbles = John Goodall
Before the war he was a safari leader in the congo
Fake ID for Viktor = Rasputin Romanov
St. Petersburg trained psychoanalyst

Items to leave behind:
Bubbles: Nanobandage, Fabber

Lafeyette does some research to determine what to put into the fake backgrounds for Viktor and Bubbles.
Bubbles = hostile research protector operator guy
Viktor = military attache psychoanalyst who specializes in helping groups survive in high stress environments and not kill each other
Laf's naiveté leads him to think that using Fruedian psychology and sexual deviancy to help a unit bond better is a good thing to put into Viktor's background.

Lafeyette drops the IDs into the Jovian database.

Bubbles spends a favor (G-rep rank 4), and after 36 hours and is able to score a Blueprint for the Gravy drug (albeit DRM ridden).

Viktor discusses with Lafeyette that he is going to need some sort of background or angle to go at a member of the military to jedi mind trick them into thinking that they know each other. Lafeyette does some research into both of the Lieutenants on the mission as possible targets for Viktor to push suggestions on.

Lafeyette in his downtime wants to work on a blueprint for a new strain of Petals to allow people to network together mentally and enter a euphoric state. In the backend of the Petal he wants to have the Petal do brainscans on all involved and download the contents to a shadow database.
(33.6 days in the background base Task time)
(Success = 16.8 days)

04/15/10 AF (max of 5 days left until the Jovian team leaves)


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)


Viktor - High Gravity Adaptation implant
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