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In the wake of Titans
Log #20 - Mission II - Chapter 1 - March 11th, 2014
04/15/10 AF

The team boards onto a ship and arrives on 04/16/10 AF at the aerostat in Jupiter atmosphere (named the Jovonavich). Lafeyette's false transfer documents from the random high up committee works easily and there are no questions when they dock. Rasputin's rank is Captain and John is a Tech. Sergeant.

The guys meet with a private who brings them to their quarters first, a small bunk bedded room, and then on to meet the officers. At the officer's lounge they recognize one of the Lieutenants they investigated, Vegard, who is sitting at a table talking to a civilian. Viktor quickly approaches him, slaps him on the back, and plants a subliminal suggestion in his mind.

Subliminal = It's me Romanov, we haven't seen each other in 3 years when I drank you under the table, good times!

The subliminal message went over well (amazing success) with Vegard and he accepts having met Romanov years ago. He introduces them around to several other high level officers, including the lead scientist, a high level bureaucrat, some other scientists, and the command officer of the mission; and then they go on their way. Laf uses some spare time and hacks the research computers, but only finds some scrubbed data. Everyone goes to sleep and they get up the next day.

04/17/10 AF

The team presents at morning muster with the rest of the military and the commander officer, Jo, begins to give a detailed speech concerning the real mission.

Synthmorphs start with a baseline 2G for their high gravity tolerance.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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