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The Seal Skin
A Letter with a Newspaper Clipping
Non Eco-Terrorists Illegal Grow Op
Reports are coming in of an unauthorized grove of plants being cultivated in Loperg sewers under the Sun Chapel District. Guards have yet to release a statement, but many suspect nearby Non nature cult extremists. Details on Page 5.

Watergate Forecast!
Our eyes in the sky report that Loperg will be flying close to a doozy of a watergate for the next few weeks. Rocs are already deployed for course corrections but we are expecting heavy waterfall in the foreseeable future so get out those raincoats and be ready for flooding in local sewers! 5 day breakdown on Page 16.

More Missing Civilians
It isn't enough that a Grinder can't feel safe on the walk home, but now it seems we must fear for our lives in bed! Maria Vasquez, human denizen of the Warrens has been reported missing. The city guard has barricaded her home and barred entry to her grieving family, but has yet to offer any comfort or solid facts on this, the third dissapearance in as many weeks. Since the unsettling reports of possible violence on the premises of Proctor Chance and Mercutio Deyes the citizenry are beginning to wonder if anywhere is safe if the guard can't even protect us in our own homes? More on page 7.

I'm going to kill her. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you with her. I will beat you to death with that alarmist anarchist, I swear on my city, if you keep leaking information to the public! We are keeping the details of the investigation private for the good of everyone. Panic in the citizenry does not help an investigative case, and panic is exactly what I'll get if this pundit continues to publish these goddamn articles! We have enough on our hands without an uprising in the general public. The Entropy Guild is making all kinds of orders I can't decipher, the Frogs are breathing down my neck every day to see if we're 'military' enough to get decommissioned, and I've got to send half of my men out on border patrol to keep an eye out for Sill weirdos and terrorists. Your little 'reminders' are NOT HELPING. We will deal with this as fast as we can, even if I have to hire the whole goddamn Adventurer's Guild!

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