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In the wake of Titans
Log #21 - Mission II - Chapter 1 & 2 - April 1st, 2014
04/17/10 AF

Before the gathered crowd the Commander Officer of the Jovians gives a speech explaining their mission here. They are all tasked with being the 2nd group of Jovians to lower themselves down to investigate a TITAN facility that was discovered hovering in Jupiter atmosphere. To maintain base morale the Jovian Navy decided it would work out best to rotate groups on and off of the facility due to the stressful alien environment. She goes on to explain that the way down is rather hazardous for traditional shuttles and other vessels, and instead they have to use a large elevator suspended on a tether cable between the facility and the aerostat Jovonavich.

Gas miners originally discovered the facility on accident and were quick to cover it up and report it directly to the Republic Navy. The Navy quickly set up a blanket of total secrecy and security surrounding the base to keep other groups from finding it and trying to exploit it. With the first mission complete they have a better idea of what to expect down below so the personnel for this mission are more focused and specialized in other areas. In very general terms they believe the facility is used as a very large scale fabrication plant, and was originally created by the TITANs. It appears to be utterly dormant now and there is ample evidence of work being done on the inside that was abruptly stopped and left incomplete.

No living beings have been discovered (alien or human in nature) and they haven't found any signs of previous explorers such as footprints/trash or other debris. For security reasons communications back to the Jovonavich are done through a hard wire that runs through the elevator tether. In cases of extreme emergency there are some neutrino communications devices on the base, but they avoid long distance wireless communication to avoid detection. She forwards a data packet of information to everyone on the crew that contains reams of information about current findings on the base, safety procedures and many warnings of things and places to avoid. Given the large size of the facility (over 10km across) there are large areas still unmapped or explored but extreme caution is advised when moving to unknown areas due to the hazardous and random nature of the base layout.

The information packets contain descriptions of the base exterior, interior, the dome buildings and hallways that connect them, and specifically named landmarks inside of the facility. The inner atmophere is largely composed of hydrogen so exploration will require spacesuits at all times. Their base camp consists of blown up bubble habitats in an "eastern" dome section of the base. Viktor's document includes some additional information concerning psychological stresses that team members will likely be facing and some of the countermeasures (drugs and other things) available to him and the other doctors on staff. Bubbles' packet has a more detailed explanation of the many hazards to be found in the base (high gravity, high interior temperature, electromagnetic interference and concentrations, holes in the habitat that can lead to falls, etc) as he will be expected to navigate these to help the team map them out.

After the speech the CO retires to look out one of the windows on the Jovonavich overlooking where the space elevator will climb. It arrives shortly afterwards (coated in sheets of ice) and slowly docks with the aerostat. The current crew makes space for the other team to disembark from the elevator and head up into the aerostat. They all look very tired, dirty and worn out from their long stint on the base. With the elevator unloaded the new team moves all of their gear on board and straps themselves in to seats along the edge of the elevator. The trip down is a bit harrowing with hurricane force winds buffeting the elevator and occasional lightning strikes. They make it down to the base in one piece though and dock at the man made entrance that the original crew had to open up with explosives.

The first day of the expedition is spent moving all of their gear into "Home Dome" and setting up their new bubble habs. These are all distributed at the edge of "Home Dome" to minimize risk of falls through the floor mesh as the only real dangers of this in this medium sized dome are right in the center. Bubbles and Lafeyette start to discuss plans of attempting to interface with the facility directly by finding some isolated areas in the base, or by creating them with distractions or false warnings. Lafeyette has a lot of interest in TITAN technology and he knows it will be a race between him and the other likely TITAN focused scientists on the mission to see who can fully communicate first. Viktor is tasked with smoozing among the crew to get them to trust him, and to perhaps start to get in the good graces of the other officers. He begins to plan out ways of increasing the mental stresses of the crew by instigating cabin fever or stir crazyness in case they need to cause trouble to get the Jovians to abandon the facility entirely.

Synthmorphs start with a baseline 2G for their high gravity tolerance.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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