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In the wake of Titans
Log #22 - Mission II - Chapter 2 - April 8th 2014
04/17/10 AF


Bubbles & Lafeyette go to the Funhouse as it isn't that far of a walk and Bubbles won't get overexerted from the high gravity. After arriving at the maze, Bubbles plans to use grip tape to make X's and arrows as low-tech navigation, and is additionally going to tie some tape between the two of them. They explore for several hours with Lafeyette using thermographic vision to more easily navigate and do not find anything of interest.


Bubbles sees some figures off in the distance in his peripheral vision, but can't determine what they are. Lafeyette determines that their path in the maze seems to want to lead them backwards, as if the maze was self contained with no exit on the other side. They opt to travel for another hour at the most before retracing their steps out of the maze. A little time passes and then Bubbles notices a putrid stench in the air. It smells like something rotting but neither of them have enhanced smell to be able to directly track the source. They start to carefully investigate all paths leading out from the place where the smell originally came from.


They are able to find the source of the stench, it's a mundane Jovian body with some tools and a small side arm. The gloved hands are bloody and when the body is rolled over there is a large hole torn in the front and the name tag is missing. They immediately backtrack out of the maze with Lafeyette dragging the body behind them.


The pair exit the maze and are able to contact base camp again on wireless. They send a message to Viktor and he is busy eating...but eventually comes out to meet them. He does a brief examination on the body, but can't figure out anything more interesting.

They radio ahead to the camp directly to the main medical doctor on staff, Dr. Haart, concerning the body. They request a pickup from some of the soldiers since Bubbles is still pretty weak due to the gravity and she dispatches a pair of MPs. They arrive a few minutes later with a gurney that they strap the body to, and request that Bubbles follow them back to camp for a brief interview with Dr. Haart.

She interviews Bubbles (John) briefly on the body, and then excuses him if he doesn't want to watch a full autopsy. He requests a look at the spacesuit (with Lafeyette's hardware skills) to see if they can recover anything. Some simplified log files exist on the suit and it looks like a large breach in the suit was detected in the chest area near the end of the log. A countdown shows the suit quickly losing air pressure, more breach alerts appear for the glove areas, and then the log ceases at what they assume was the death of the wearer.

Dr. Haart proceeds with the autopsy during this. She determines the likely cause of death to be asphyxiation as the body has lungs filled primarily with hydrogen, and there are no other wounds on the body that would have led to death. Pattern matching on the face of the corpse has an 87% chance of matching a civilian engineer from the first expedition named Miguel Hernandez. Viktor arrives in the lab later (to avoid rousing suspicions) and has a brief conversation about the corpse with Dr. Haart. She lets on in whispers that their was some conflicts with the first expedition which led to some people abandoning their posts and going missing. Viktor decides to research personnel files and other documents further.

Bubbles leaves the laboratory to go get some food with Lafeyette accompanying him.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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