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In the wake of Titans
Log #23 - Mission II - Chapter 2 - May 6th 2014
04/17/10 AF


Bubbles grabs some food before heading to the barracks to catch some sleep.
Viktor talks to Lafeyette and recommends he uses his security credentials to do some reading of files concerning incidents from the first expedition. Laf has Bubbles plug him in at the lab (in the computer section).

8mins research

Finds a bunch of files (8-10) concerning incidents from previous expedition. Mainly reports of civilians or low ranking military cracking under the stresses. Some were restrained, sent to rehab, a few were reported AWOL but most of them were found again in the facility or having snuck back onto the aerostat.

Laf logs out, and attempts a standard hack to get Admin access. He gets an excellent success so has Admin privs and Hidden status.
Does a search for the keywords "incident, TITAN". Finds files on a nuclear demolition charge, more info about the Funhouse, fractals, and Richardson's shaft recording.
Does a search for keywords about machines that do "cognitive architecture, evidence of hardware performing computations" - Nothing found yet, but they sent more TITAN scientists to find out stuff.
Search for Exsurgent virus activity - Nothing concrete, but some of the folks sent back while isolated are still under study.
Laf does think that they can study corpses to find Exsurgent infection, but Dr. Haart hasn't uploaded any reports from the autopsy yet. He goes dormant after this.


time skip ahead 7 hours to 12:30am while Bubbles sleeps

Laf and Bubbles meet up again and then go to find Viktor. Laf wants to "interrogate" the scientists to see if they know of any specific areas where they can plug in and interface with the TITAN facility. They all line up to get some food, and check to see if any other Jovians are in the cafeteria.
Viktor's idea - cycle through all the staff run Cloud Memory, do some psychotherapy mumbo-jumbo, have them walk through their day while using Thoughtbrowse for keywords: "TITAN, Exsurgent, access point, weird/unexpected". Start with low-level grunts who have had field experience in the facility, and move up from there.
Decided to narrow it down to 5 key people. Techs who would be interfacing with equipment or TITAN tech, but not the lead scientists.
List: Dr. Haart, Dr. Thexall, Dr. Geiss, Dr. Ngyalla, Private Nof
At this hour only Private Nof responds personally, but he's on patrol.

Laf/Bubbles decide to walk to Dome 4 (passing by the Scar) to explore. 2.5mile walk, at 20min/mile.


They break off to study Dome 3 a bit (Bubbles fails perception horribly) but find nothing.
At the Scar they see a fiber mesh stretched over the scar as it passes through the dome. Bubbles cuts out a chunk of it that Laf reaches in and touches around a bit (finding no connections).
They make it to Dome 4, and find an almost fully completed missile. Laf is able to interface with it and study it for a while. Obviously TITAN in origin, covered in shielding material to ward off radar and ECM, and has on-board AI that is more intelligent than some people making it a very self-contained weapon. Has a standard heat/fragmentation load on it, no radioactive material. They leave the missile and continue to explore.
In 34A they find an umbilicus tube that could connect to Dome 6 (to ship missiles?).
They trek to Dome 1 and see the bunker dug out for the demolition charge in one of the hills in the large large stretching landscape.
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