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The Magician
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A World of Tricks
What defines what is real? It is our senses, is it because we can see, hear, or taste something? Is love then real, or fear? What about our thoughts, or the things we dream?

What is "real" is simply a matter of perception you say? Well, if you think you can trust your own perception you may find yourself mistaken my friend. Come, I'll show you. Walk with me along the fine line between illusion and reality. Let me show you what it means to balance betwixt them, and how it drives the soul mad!

It'll be fun I promise! That is, if you survive :)

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We all playing sociopaths?
"Ah! This is your first time watching our act! I shall try and set your nerves at ease without ruining the experience. When you join a gypsy show as a spectator, it is unlike anything else."

"Elsewhere magicians are nothing but charlatans. They promise magic and surprise, but if you watch closely you find neither of these."

"Stay awhile. Join us. Expose your heart to the unadulterated joys and fears that can only be felt through the artes of magic and music."