Leana The Huntress
In the early morning hours Leana Alumclan, Torrian’s sister, was walking the hunting trails on the outskirts of Norin-stag, looking for a doe.

With an arrow nocked in her bow she slowly walked the game trail, following fresh tracks she found. After a while, she noticed a couple more tracks joined the pair she was already following. Hoping to kill multiple deer for the butcher she was hunting for, Leana began to run along the trail. Now mid-day, she saw that the group of deer began running from something. As Leana ran further she noticed the tracks started to dwindle in numbers until, there were no tracks at all. “What in the world is going on…” She began to think, when she looked up and saw that there was five deer carcasses mangled and torn to pieces, hanging in the trees. Leana found she was also standing in a clearing in the woods, and now with fear in her mind, she sprinted back through the forest as she heard an ear piercing roar from above her. A large bird of prey started following her and began swooping down, attempting to clutch her in its talons. Leana started jumping around trees and under logs trying to evade the large bird. She looked further up here path and saw a fallen pile of logs with a ten foot drop below it. Formulating a plan in her head, Leana ran for the pile. After she made it to the fallen trees, she stopped and looked up, seeing the bird flying straight for her, talons open. “Just a little closer...” She thought. As the bird was fifteen feet from her, she jumped backwards off the pile and loosed two arrows at the bird, finding their marks, they burrowed into the birds eyes killing it instantly. The bird plummeted to the ground head first making a loud crash. Leana then launched another arrow from her bow, this one with a rope tied to it, into a tree to save her from the fall. After landing safely, she walked up to the bird and said aloud. “Well, I always wanted to try the meat of a large bird.” She then began to haul the bird back to Norin-stag’s butcher shop, excited for a good day’s pay.
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