my report on wards
Byeli Kurjack
Magical Wards and Their Applications

Magical wards have many practical applications, from security systems to impenetrable walls. Wards encompass a vast variety of magical phenomenon. A place can gain a ward over time through emotion or events that happened in the place. These wards are common place and are around everyday areas such an old family house, a church, graveyard, or prison. Someone is sensitive to magic can usually sense them when they step through them, some wards are so strong that you don’t need any magical awareness sense them. Other wards are created by rituals or spells, in my experience these are most common done by the application of a magic circle. Magic circles used to create wards are usually used in application to keep a being in place so one can speak to them or gain a service from them without danger of personal injury or global destruction.
I am studying wards to further my magical repertoire and ability to help my team mates in the field; I’m studying three different circles at the time of this report. The first is a detection ward for security reasons, the second is a defensive ward, and third a aura that increases the healing rate of beings in it.
The security ward is a ritual that im creating that can be used to detect a being entering the area that the ward surrounds. The ritual is designed to detect general traffic in and out of the ward, but it can be tuned towards certain individuals or travel methods. The one I’m working on specifically is geared towards detecting beings using magical means of teleportation. I used a rather creative way of marking the area of the ward, Play-Doh charged with some magic energy stuffed into the corners of the room. I think that with enough Doh and magic energy I could ward a huge area.
The second ward im designing is a spell. It will be a relatively quick spell that will increase the defensive capabilities of the beings inside the circle. Unfortunately it is a stationary circle and if the being on the inside breaches the circle it will disperse dropping the boosted defenses. The other drawback is I need to draw or form a circle on the ground to affect with this spell, but that relies on me having chalk or salt or sand, something on hand to draw the circle, which is not always possible.
The third and final ward I have been researching is a healing ward. It increases the natural healing rate of the beings inside the immediate area around me. I have to concentrate on keeping the ward up so while it is active I can’t do anything else, but the benefits are worth it if the ward can keep my team alive.
In conclusion wards and circles can be used to protect, repel, and heal beings and objects, among many other applications. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in the application of combat. I will be researching more types as my studies go on.

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