Family ties (in knots)
Uncle Iosef set me to follow a trail so old I don't know why he even bothered with it. Nine months....!

Still, I have to do the work if I want him to keep giving me information on the family's doings. Unsurprisingly, the overflow ditch didn't supply any clues. It did supply a little girl named Catherine.

Scared, filthy, and alone.

Catherine ran from me and before I knew it I'd taken her prisoner and gotten her story out of her. No parents. Involved with a "Black Hat" named Grigg. She'd been being looked after by a doctor and teacher named Artie Mullens.

A call to Dresden got me the public face of Dr. Arthur Mullens, upstanding citizen, and a meeting was arranged. She perked up when I started to make things clear that she was now the client.

Dr M had some 'runners on retainer, I guess, and Dresden was pinch hitting for his regular shaman in a run at this Griggs, who is some kind of torture spirit or something. Sort of out of my league, but never let them see you sweat, y'know?

Catherine was in trouble and I promised to protect her. So I was in.

And also, now I know that Nikolai was in on this BTL ring... Might be that he's an in to the ones that I'm after....
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