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A Rise of the Runelords
GM postings on Epic Words.
Just an FYI. Often times I will post something here as a "work in progress." I might just upload files one night, then copy/paste from pdf files another, then flesh out the story bit by bit. More often than not it is after having a cold one, so it can be a real mess.

But I do usually go back and try to clean them up,eventually.

I just decided that I am going to try to include info (that doesn't give too much away) of some of the story that the PC's would never hear. Stuff like what is below in blue.

bold black = description
Blue=Additional Info

Constant flurries of wind-borne snow and frost lash at a gaping hole in the side of Hook Mountain here. Smoke pours forth from the cave entrance, only to be instantly dispersed by the wind.

CREATURES: Two Kreeg fighters stand guard at the
mouth of the clanhold, swathed in furs and leathers.

Since news of Rannick’s fall reached Barl’s ears, things
have been unpleasant in the hold, and these usually
easily distracted ogres keep a sharp lookout. Another
ogre was recently caught sleeping by Barl, and the stone
giant tore off the lazy ogre’s legs and left him rolling
in the snow to bleed out before animating him as a
zombie and turning him over to the three sisters for an
eventual meal. These memories are enough to keep the
Kreegs on alert for at least another week. Eager to prove
to Barl that they can do a simple job like guarding the
entrance, these two ogres don’t think to raise an alarm
until one is dead.

I WANT to reveal this stuff to you guys as players, not characters. I like knowing the story and I think you might too. So, I'll try to do this here on Epic Words for now on. Cool?

Oh, and I also do make stuff up from time to time. I've added stories for NPCs and thrown in a bit of flavor here and there. Sometimes I do so hoping to provoke a bit of additional story or journal pages from the player characters! One of the most enjoyable aspects of Epic Words, for me, has been the interaction between the characters!
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