Season 1, Episode 9 - "Bloodied"
While recovering from the battle with Cerrunos, thoughts turn to the lead Morrigan left with Stan. Rather than charge into Baltimore after the vampire covens, where they will be on unfamiliar territory and outnubered, the group decides to attempt to draw in the youth vampire they encountered before. [Remember? Back in Episode Two -ed]

In a warehouse by the river, the trap is set. Stan attracts some attention from the police in the course of setting explosives but it able to to back out of custody.

Vladimir Baltensign appears to be in Baltimore from the scrying, but the note he left should be enough of a lure, so IV uses it to summon him. They track him coming up through New Jersey, and sense but cannot stop him from feeding, As dawn approaches, he has not arrived. IV and El Toro go dowsing and locate the vampire safely ensconces in the local police station.

Just before sundown, a group of mooks come up from the water and attack Stan. He leads them over some explosives. He notes that they are armed with tranquilizers. It seems they may be off duty police, though is not clear whether they are dupes or thralls. The fight spreads out into the back lot, and into the larger room of the warehouse.

IV steps out of her warded office to check the security cameras. As she is distracted by the screens, two (count 'em, two) vampires enter the room. One is Vladimir and the other is an adult chaperone of some sort. It appears this is meant to be a lesson of some kind. IV surprises the elder by throwing fire at the vampires, but it is not enough to stop them, and they start walking IV to their car.

Baxter, El Toro and Stan have the fight well in hand when they notice this and fire at the vampires. The Elder leaps over to show them how this is done. IV turns an incinerates the Younger, in order to distract the Elder, and seeing to it that the boy will learn nothing from this, or ever again.
Session: Season 1, Episode 9 - Sunday, Jun 08 2014 from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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