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Fallen heroes
Nancy fell to her knees, blood soaking through her sundered leather vest and tattered silks from the wound at her side.

That was a much closer call than I expected... How embarrassing.

Her eyes flicked across the room, over the bloody and unconscious bodies of the men who had thought to reject her will. Seeing their broken forms was almost enough to make her smile. The pain in her side quickly put a stop to that however.

Many of them have prowess with supernatural abilities. They should provide excellent materials for the Sultan. Er, the "Lord", as he prefers to be called now days. I suppose that power breeds pretension, and he does have a fair amount of both.

A wave of pain rocked her suddenly, her side aching as though aflame.

By the gods, I hate this place. I feel so weak without my powers.

Standing with some difficulty, Nancy sheathed her blade and removed her leather gloves. Old, and stained with blood from the many battles they had endured, the power they possessed was fading each time she used them.

Behind her, the "templars" had begun to remove their helms, revealing pale white skin and feral, noseless faces. While they feared the light, it was not enough to drive them from the warm, bloody meals that lay before them. A sharp command from Nancy served that purpose however, and at her words they began to gather the bodies, and one by one they took them from the room, down into the depths of the citadel, to await their terrible fate.
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So should I be rerolling?
No, your should be GOING TO BED! Oh wait, me too. Lol. But really, no. No need to reroll.
A Nancy already broke my heart once, Kevin. If a different Nancy did it again the universe would explode. Also, the Bard says not to worry. He's already beaten death once, what's once more?
Technically Nancy broke my heart physically.... I will have my revenge!
This is quite the epic story moment. I'm stoked to see what the freak happens.
I'm not trying to control your life or anything, but you probably don't want to miss next session. ;) Much reveals on the way.