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Conan: Heroes of Hyboria
Session 3 - Making a Name
The heroes look for work and meet an information broker named Josef who has a task for them. He wants the party to break into the home of a wealthy rival named Jeremiah and steal some documents for him, a task failed earlier by some of his other henchmen. The party is now joined by Valenso (Steve).

The party accepts the task, but in doing so angers the thieves who attempted it before. Our heroes complete the task at hand, but then are attacked by Josef's now-unemployed henchmen and the group they work with. There is a showdown in an old warehouse between the heroes and the criminals, including a sorcerer who nearly kills them all, but is ultimately defeated. Yara picks up a book found on the mage and opens it. Just before passing out, he alone hears the words "Shabbith Ka."
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