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Conan: Heroes of Hyboria
Session 4 - Seeing the Unseen
Yara awakens after a time and is seemingly unharmed. Josef recommends the party get out of town for a time while the heat from their heist cools off. After arranging to accompany a merchant, named Beloso, south to Messantia, Yara notices a small, shadowy creature lingering about that only he can see. It seems to feed on other living creatures leaving them weakened. The party follows the creature into a cavern under the local stables and they witness a cult casting a spell on a man chained to a stone altar. The surprise entrance of the heroes makes the spell go awry. The man transforms into a fearsome werewolf, breaks his bonds, and attacks anything in sight. The heroes AND cultists flee, but only heroes escape. The town guard helps slay the unfortunate werewolf. Little is known of the cult except for a tattoo (see below) they each bear. Yara recognizes the tattoo. He saw it once before when his father was kidnapped.
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