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Conan: Heroes of Hyboria
Session 5 - Into Argos We Go
The heroes accompany Beloso into Argos, he decides to stop in a small town named Reddingbrook. While here, the party visits the local tavern, The Rummy Tankard, and hear a couple of interesting tales. The first is rumors of an old Acheronian temple somewhere nearby that has never been found. The second tells of a murder committed in Messantia by a leatherworker. Apparently he was in love with a nobleman's wife and killed her when she threatened to tell her husband of the affair.

The group does some investigating into the murder. Word has it that the killed, a man named Geoffrey, has an acquaintance in Reddingbrook. After some questioning, the party suspects a local merchant of harboring the murderer, but are unable to locate him.

Riding out to a suspecting hiding place, the heroes encounter a group of unidentified men who attack them. After a short battle, the party is victorious, but unsure of who they have just killed...
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