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Conan: Heroes of Hyboria
Session 6 - An Old Friend
After searching the bodies of the mysterious attackers, the group finds a map written in an unknown language. Soon, Abelia notices someone riding down the road toward them. The heroes confront the person only to discover that it's Petruko. It seems he was coming here to get the map the party discovered. Upon examination, the Zamorian identifies the language as Acheronian. The only local who can translate the map is an old hermit named Amando. Before he translates the map, he forces Yara to drink a slow-acting poison that will kill him in 6 days if he does not return for the antidote and bring back with him any books they should find that may interest him.

After getting the translation, Abelia, Yara, Valerian, and Petruko set out for the ancient ruins, which they find nestled in a hidden river valley. Delving into the ruins, they find little treasure and more than enough undead for their taste. Still, two doors remain unopened...
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