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Star Wars: Outlaws
Game intro 1.1 - Where did THESE come from?
(You will find a thread in the forum where your characters can respond.)
The crew recently returned to Onderon after a trip to Thyferra to pick up some crates for Calligan. A few hours after unloading them, Calligan calls your crew and the crew of The Blue Nova (his other employees) to the warehouse office. The Nova's crea includes Chak, a male Twi'lek who is the leader of the crew, the female Rodian pilot Noocha, a male human merc named Jastan, a female human named Ronna, and a shifty Aqualish crewman who goes by Fando.
"There seems to be a problem with this shipment. After it was unloaded, I checked it and found a couple of crates that were, shall we say, out of order." He leads the group to the storage area and walks over to a pair of crates. "According to the manifest, these crates are holding Thyferran nerf cheese. Of course, we all know the manifest is a load of poodoo. They SHOULD be holding tanks of diverted bacta which is worth a lot of money when you can sneak it out from under the Bacta Cartel's nose. However, we don't know what's in these two yet, because the listed access codes don't work. Anyone know why?"
Both crews look around at each other in bewilderment, seemingly having no idea.
"Well, lets see if we can't get them open and find out." Cal pulls out an electronic code breaker and sets to decoding the lock. After a few seconds, the lock opens and Cal opens the crate to reveal that it is full of Blastech A295 repeating blaster rifles and the other crate is loaded with Merr-Sonn Power 5 blaster pistols.
Cal turns to the group, fury in his eyes, but his demeanor remains calm. "Safe to say, THESE were not part of the order." Cal turns to the crew of the Golden Opportunity, "It's a good thing you weren't stopped by Imperial customs or I'd be in a cell by now. Any idea how these got here?"

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