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Star Wars: Outlaws
Game session 1 summary
The party investigated the cargo hold of the Golden Opportunity and found some sand on the ship. A brief analysis showed it was consistent with soil from Tatooine. Recalling that Noocha had once worked on Tatooine for Lady Valarian (and the Blue Nova had recently been to Ryloth, very near Tatooine), Calligan and the crew began to get a picture of what may have happened.

Travelling to Tatooine in search of more information, the group made friends with the local Port Authority handler, a Sullustan named Lavoline. After collecting some well-overdue docking fees from an Aqualish with a gambling problem at Chalmun's cantina, he pointed the crew to where the Blue Nova had been docked. This led to a run-in with a local gang, the Alkhara bandits. The crew easily dispatched them, but three got away (could be problems later).

Finding little there, they return to the cantina. Nisa overhears a discussion about someone stealing some guns from Lady Valarian. Calligan decides it's time to talk to her and leads the crew to the Lucky Despot, a run-down cargo hauler that has been turned into a "luxury" hotel and casino and base of operations for Valarian. After a brief talk with a security guard (which Henry noticed involved a brief wave of the hand from Calligan), he was led off to speak with the crime boss. Meanwhile, Akaron had a pleasant game of sabacc with a Gotal named Gilshem, a professional gambler who could be a useful contact later.

Calligan negotiates a profitable arrangement involving the return of Noocha (alive) and even more so if the guns are returned as well. Deciding to send the Blue Nova's crew back to Tatooine on business (and alert Valarian to this), the crew of the Opportunity return to Onderon, but too late. Chak and crew are gone, and so are the guns (along with lots of bacta). Calligan remembered that Chak mentioned a contact on Devaron ready to buy the guns and decided that was the next destination. While prepping to leave, an Imperial shuttle landed on the grounds. About 20 stormtroopers and an Imperial Security Bureau agent disembark and chase the crew, but our heroes manage to escape (after setting the place to burn). The crew and the ship are now wanted by the Empire.

Continuing on to Devaron (after a brief zig-zag), Calligan meets with an old contact of his named Susal, a local government representative. She says she will help locate the Blue Nova, but it will likely be costly to her.

Thus ends the first session of Star Wars: Outlaws! Tune in next time!
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